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Lose Belly Fat | How Vitamin D3 Burns Fat | Weight Loss & Your Thyroid

Lose Belly Fat | How Vitamin D3 Burns Fat | Weight Loss & Your Thyroid

Lose Belly Fat | How Vitamin D3 Burns Fat | Weight Loss & Your Thyroid

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Lose Belly Fat | How Vitamin D3 Burns Fat | Weight Loss & Your Thyroid-

Hey, bad news for everyone that’s looking for a magic pill for fat loss. It doesn’t really exist. But, what I’m finding through a lot of research recently is that Vitamin D3 might be as close as we can get to something that can reduce belly fat as anything that’s out there. Let me explain how this works because honestly it’s pretty fascinating.

What Vitamin D is, first and foremost is a fat soluble Vitamin. It’s a fat soluble Vitamin that helps regulate mood, it can help regulate metabolism and most importantly it regulates where calcium goes in the body. But, because it’s fat soluble it means that it’s stored in the fat cell. Start thinking about this: if you have an excess amount of fat or if you’re overweight that means that most of the Vitamin D that you consume, even if you’re taking a supplement, is going to get sequestered into those fat cells and it’s going to stay there meaning you have less bio actively available Vitamin D3 to do the cool things that I’m about to explain.

Let’s talk about how Vitamin D3 actually burns fat. The first method is by increasing something called Leptin. Have you ever eaten food before and gotten full? If you haven’t you’re probably not human. Honestly, what happens is leptin signals your brain that you’re full. When you eat a lot of food you have the production of Leptin, signals your brain that you’re full and you stop eating. Problem is that without Vitamin D3, Leptin levels don’t generally increase that much. If you have enough D3 your brain can signal and your brain can be told you need to stop eating. It’s that simple. Low levels of Vitamin D3 those Leptin levels don’t get too high and you can keep eating, making it very easy to overeat.

Remember what I said about the Vitamin D3 getting stored in fat cells? Think about this, if you already are low in D3 and then you eat and you don’t have enough Leptin so you keep eating more then you’re going to develop more fat cells, which means you’re going to hold onto more Vitamin D in the fat cells and more and more to the point where you have this snowball effect where you continue to store fat. Are you one of those people that have just looked in the mirror and say how did this happen to me?

Honestly, I was one of those people seven or eight years ago. The other way that Vitamin D3 is proving to potentially be a good belly fat burner is through the modulation of the parathyroid and calcitriol hormones. The Parathyroid is a small set of glands around the thyroid in our throat and basically when they produce parathyroid or they produce calcitriol, we have a rapid increase in how our body stores fat. It tends to want to store it more. If we have enough Vitamin D3 the parathyroid and calcitriol hormones aren’t quite as crazy. They’re not going quite as haywire, which means your body slowly stores and slowly metabolizes fat versus doing it rapidly, making it where you look in the mirror and feel like it happened overnight.

Those are the two main reasons that Vitamin D3 is starting to play a big role in belly fat. This wouldn’t be a traditional video of mine if I didn’t at least reference one peer reviewed, double blind placebo study. One study took 218 women. These 218 women they gave a strict diet and exercise program to and they asked them to follow it for a year. Then they took half of these women and they gave them Vitamin D. The other half of the women they gave a placebo. After one year of time, it was found that the women that took the Vitamin D had on average seven pounds more weight loss than those that didn’t take the Vitamin D. It doesn’t sound like much but just by adding Vitamin D, it’s pretty dang interesting.

Then, there’s one other study. There is another study that found that those that were taking Vitamin D3 had a better waist to hip ration than those that were not.

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  1. Hi Thomas, I enjoyed your video about Vitamin D3. I wanted to ask, how much should we consume daily?

  2. This works! but you have to take a lot more than people will tell you, especially if you are obese. Vitamin D3 is fat soluble, so 5 t0 10k daily will probably have modest results…I take 25,000 IU daily, and am losing weight again, and this is after being at a stable weight on the carnivore diet for over a year…try it, it works, but massive doses are the key!

  3. Thanks I am going to take vitamin d 3 and omega 3 for keep maintain healthy body love your video 👍🥰😍😃🙏👏❤️

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