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Lose MORE Weight with Peloton by Avoiding These 3 Mistakes

Lose MORE Weight with Peloton by Avoiding These 3 Mistakes

Lose MORE Weight with Peloton by Avoiding These 3 Mistakes

Lose more weight with Peloton by avoiding these 3 common mistakes that a lot of Peloton users make. Weight loss can be tough, but sometimes we make it even tougher on ourselves by focusing on the wrong things (such as burning more calories) or limiting ourselves to just cycling and staying away from other types of training that can help us lose more weight.

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6 Tips to Lose Weight with Peloton:

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  1. 💯 I do mostly the strength classes and mix in cardio. I don't worry about the wattage. I go by what my body cam do that day. I put all my energy in the strength classes 💪 I agree with you 💯

  2. Thank you sooooo much! I gave up on my bike because I wasn’t seeing resorts; but you helped put things into perspective. I was wondering can you put out a workout schedule for a week?

  3. Having done CrossFit for the last five years with my wife, we have now chosen Peloton for our fitness, we are looking at five cycle rides per week and five strength classes per week do you think this will keep us trim while still building or maintaining strength? We are 56 &. 57 years old and only had to change from CrossFit due to injuries any help much appreciated and thanks for the Video

  4. These are great tips! I’m trying to lose some fat around my midsection and tone up. Im added you on peloton. See you on the leaderboard

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