Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Losing Weight After Menopause Isn’t Fair… But *You* Can Still Do it!

Losing Weight After Menopause Isn’t Fair… But *You* Can Still Do it!

Losing Weight After Menopause Isn’t Fair… But *You* Can Still Do it!

Losing Weight After Menopause Isn’t Fair… But *You* Can Still Do it!

When I was a teenager, I could lose weight at a pizza party. Now, I look at a cake through a shop window and gain a few pounds. Do you feel the same?

So, in this morning’s show, I want to talk about what happens to our bodies after menopause and why do many of us struggle with our weight after 50. Then, I’d like to offer a few solutions for staying healthy in the best years of your life.

What are you doing to stay in shape these days? Are there any particular activities that have helped you to get to a healthy weight?

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  1. I like to check out thiese videos.
    I love walking in a fast pace and
    I enjoy yoga and Pilates.
    I haven't done it some time but like to start again.
    It's something not easy since I can't always find time to go to a gym and also am not to crazy about them.
    I usually do my own exercises at home.
    I love to dance andI put some fast pacing music and I start moving. My favorite is Salsa and Gospel.
    I also like to do some light weight.
    I would like to eventually try to do some spinning.
    Thank you for sharing.
    FIY An not in my 60 yet.
    I am 55
    I truly enjoy your videos.
    Thank you for sharing. 😊🙌💕✨
    I find them informative and great tips.
    I find you very friendly and you're voice smoothing.
    I also like say again
    your very beautiful mature lady and I that outfit combo looks great on you! Great colors!

  2. Check out Dr Becky Gillaspy on YouTube. Inspiring info on weight loss for women our age. My doctor shared with me how easy it is to gain. He said for his size a 2000-cal diet is required but just adding two slices of apple per day would bring a 40-lb weight gain in 20 yrs. That's 1% more calories per day. He was stressing how important sticking to it is required. Sobering to think about because I am a big sweets eater.

  3. Thanks Margaret. An article on ovarian cancer would be useful (you may have done one before?) Sometimes a big belly can be related to this and it’s very silent in terms of symptoms. A simple blood test CA125 can be a good indicator that there’s a problem. I’m a survivor of 13 years now because I was diagnosed at stage 1. It might help some of your followers. Thank you.

  4. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at age 55, 9 years ago. It became mandatory to change the way I ate, so no more sweets, regular bread (sourdough and rye are ok), zero alcohol, watch starches. Keep moving. Every day I have to walk or snowshoe or cycle. But other things count as movement, too: wash your own car, rake leaves, shovel snow (carefully), cut your own grass.
    Walk your own dog. Clean your own house. Don't hire people to do that stuff for you, if you are able. So far, 80 pounds, without joining a gym. I heat with wood, so that provides a lot of opportunity for movement: cutting and splitting and lugging wood. Sometimes I'm too tired to do anything after doing the wood, like going for a walk. The wood work increases my appetite so portion control is a challenge.
    There is no excuse to eat badly: not trauma, not grief (and I know about this first-hand).
    Stretching is really important to keep muscles in shape. I recently discovered how much further I can stretch my legs in a bathtub of hot water. Almost effortless and definitely soothing, easier on the back. You can just hear/feel the muscles going "aaahhhhh".
    So, it's possible. It's free. It works. And it can be fun.

  5. I'm SO sick of the trendy diets…keto, whole foods, plant-based, don't eat this, don't eat that..blah blah. I'm trying to simply LOWER my intake of refined sugars and exercise daily, but at almost 70, I refuse to be enslaved by a diet. Life is too short, and I NEED a little wine and chocolate to survive this atrocity called, "aging"! Not trying to blow out 100 candles.

  6. I put on so much weight this summer that I couldn't fit into any of my jeans! So I decided I had to do something. At the beginning of September I stopped eating bread and cut out alcohol completely. I eat a mostly plant based diet and eat one meal a day at dinner time. I walk at least 6 km a day and I have a lot of stairs in my townhouse so that helps! I've lost 8 lbs in 2 months and yesterday I put on the pair of jeans that were the tightest and they fit perfectly!! So my plan is working! I will continue for as long as I can but I know that Christmas will be a challenge. Bottom line is that you have to eat consciously. I make a list of meals I will have for the next few days then I buy the necessary groceries which helps me to stay on track. By the way, I have noticed that since I stopped drinking, I am sleeping much better which is good and bad! 🍸🍷🍹🍺

  7. Recently, I turned… 70! I have had quite a few serious health challenges over the last 20 years. I have managed thru grit, determination, and much faith and prayer to overcome most of those issues. I do struggle with severe joint issues… most seriously in my knees and feet. But I almost never miss my 10,000 steps; more likely I get 20,000 to 30,000 daily… spaced throughout the day. Of those, I strive for 45 minutes to 90 minutes to be in my aerobic range on most days. Since I was unable to walk… or even hobble for several years, I am pretty pleased with my progress. I am now just beginning to add in some weight training… too soon to report anything but as I progress, I will, most likely, replace SOME of my steps, with more weight training… not sure.
    —And yes, initially, the “10,000 steps” was an arbitrary number of steps cooked up to sell pedometers in …(?) Japan, I think. However, it is my understanding that it actually turns out to be a pretty good baseline number of steps for steps daily, if coupled with aerobics, weight training, stretching, and core work. I still have a difficult time wrapping my head around the fact that steady state aerobics more often is not nearly as effective as 2 to three days a week of HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training) totaling, roughly, only 20 minutes each session! (I’m trying to adjust my mindset as well as find one I can actually do well with my joint issues.)
    Let’s just all start doing something and keep at it! If what you try first just us not for you, try something different. Once what you do gets easy, increase it or add in something new… up to a point. We want to be able to enjoy these great years we have left! —Here’s to all our efforts, feeling and yes, even looking better!
    Oh yes… Personally, I follow intermittent fasting and the Ketogenic Diet, and it is working! Belly fat and additional undesired fat is leaving ! I am not craving sweets and I am very satisfied after eating. In my case, the low carbs had also been greatly beneficial in healing my lifelong FODMAP issues plus my Crohn’s Disease! I am not totally symptom free, but much more so than in the last 30+ years!
    Everyone must search out what is most beneficial for them. I would have never believed removing grains as well as most fruit and veggies … could be healthy! But I was completely unable to function , and was, for years, a prisoner of my home. And now… life is really a joy and hope is alive.
    Truly, ALL my best to everyone here.

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