Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Low carb shrinks your fat

Low carb shrinks your fat

Low carb shrinks your fat

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A new evaluation of the DIETFITS trial shows a low-carb diet is more effective lan a low-fat diet for metabolic health and for shrinking fat cells, even with equal weight loss. It’s time for us to focus not just on the scale, but also on how weight loss effects our health. Low carb for the win.

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  1. "…with the same number of calories, low-carb diet is more effective …"
    In case i am on keto diet(low carb, high fat). Does above mentioned quote from this research mean that I can have fewer amount of food because fatty food is higher in calory?

  2. I have type2 diabetes my doctor said he will let me lose weight on my own because I am a personal trainer specialist sports nutrition i love toast beans pasta rice too much carbs

  3. Is there a way to transition from keto to low-carb without excessive weight gain. I’ve lost 50 lbs. so far living a ketogenic lifestyle and have another 50 to go but I feel at some point, not sure if sooner or later, I might want to transition to just low carb. I would like tips on how to do so without gaining too much weight while my body readjusts.

  4. I've been eating a pretty balanced carnivore diet for the last year and a half. I lost 100 punds and stabilized in the 150's. I was pretty darn happy with that. But bathing suit season is coming and I'm looking forward to getting some sun, so I've been trying to lose another 10-15 pounds over the next couple of months. Just cutting back on fat some. Considering If.

    I don't know what happened, but suddenly I was craving whipped cream. I suffered and ignored it for about a week, then I snapped. I whipped up two pints and ate nothing but that for two days.

    I dreaded getting on the scale. I didn't think I'd gained, but for sure I didn't lose, right?

    I dumped six pounds.

    I don't lose weight easily. Cheese is certain to cause a stall. I've never eating nothing but fat for a whole day in my life.

    Losing six pounds on the whipped cream diet is probably the most insane thing I've ever heard of in my life.

    I ate normally today, but I think I'm going to do a little experiment tomorrow. Whip up two more pints and see what happens. (shrug) If it works, I'm going to be blown away.

  5. Just go back to Ancel Keyes WW2 experiments on starvation. You lose weight by reducing calories, but you sure as heck do not have a good time. Its terrible to try and diet that way. On keto you can fill your belly with fatty meat and green veggies till you feel full, and you will automatically lose weight.

  6. Nearly every study that mainstream nutrition research uses to assess the efficacy of low carb vs. low fat diets uses a version of "low carb" that very few practitioners of low carb diets would ever consider to be low carb. In other words, the research community is either truly ignorant of what low carb diets are, or they willfully ignore what low carb diets are, so as to skew the results. It is a testament to the efficacy of simply lowering carbs, that even a diet that is not low enough in carbs to meet the typical definition of low carb, still performs better than low fat diets when it comes to the speed and extent that it improves metabolic markers.

  7. If the "low carb" group lost weight by shrinking fat cells" how did the low fat lose weight? Since they both lost the same amount of weight, wondering where the weight came from for the low fat group? Less fat cells would have been just as good if not better. Less muscle, not so much.

  8. but but coke tells me a calorie is a calorie, try telling the establishment they've been wrong for 50 years

  9. Low carb, high healthy fat + IF(intermittent fasting) = healthy, slim long life
    Lost 110 lbs in one year. (About 2 lbs each week) along with a 30+ years of type 2 diabets (disapared in the first 30 days) which alll my doctors said was a life long issue.
    Started with 20 : 6 intervall fasting, but the last 8 months went OMAD (1 meal a day). That did the ''trick''

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