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My Peloton Bike Weight Loss Results – An honest conversation about getting results

My Peloton Bike Weight Loss Results – An honest conversation about getting results

My Peloton Bike Weight Loss Results – An honest conversation about getting results

It this video I cover how much weight I’ve lost riding my Peloton bike once I became serious about getting in shape and eating healthy food. I also cover the lifestyle changes I’ve had to make to get these results.

This channel is in no way affiliated with Peloton. It’s just me and my opinions.

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  1. That’s awesome man congrats. I just got one. Fitness has been a huge part of my life. Well all I did was lift but I was slim lol..Unfortunately the last 2 years have been rough and tbh idk what happened. I gained 40+ lbs and have been inconsistent. Usually because of work and being tired. Any specific programs and how long u used this at a time? I leave to work at 6am and will probably use this around 5am every day on top of lifting in the evening if I can sustain it. Freaking better haha

  2. Very helpful video in detail, I am a ux researcher assistant who is looking for user feed back from Peloton bikes, I wounder if you or anyone in the chat would be Interested for a one hour interview section with £100 reward voucher. Please let me know, thank you.

  3. Great video. Thanks. You may want to try the Tonal too. Seems like your kind of thing;). Love mine

  4. Use my referral code, RMGDJD, to get $100 off apparel when you order a Peloton, perfect for grabbing a pair of shoes!

    I also get a $100 credit for apparel. Thanks!

  5. Hey this was very inspiring. I purchased one and it will be delivered soon. I worked out all last year but didn’t invest the same time in my diet. I saw minimal results sadly. This video you did just reaffirmed some things I already knew but most importantly taught me it’s not over and I can still achieve my goals when I change my mindset. Thank you.

  6. Congrats and great results! I just ordered my Bike+ and looking forward to getting back down under 200 lbs (currently at 237 lbs)

  7. Super sensible approach to weight loss. Your weight curve is almost the same as mine. Got my peloton today and hoping to work the weight down with exercise and a better diet. I also figure time on the peloton is less time snacking!

  8. Dedicated cardio is a great way to reduce stress and help increase your activity. Strength training with adequate protein intake helps minimize muscle loss while in a deficit. Want to really take things up a notch, determine how much non-exercise activity you get in a day and try to increase that. Since it appears you have an Apple Watch, look at how many steps you are getting in a day. If you are averaging 5000, try for 7000, etc. You will see even more changes without further restricting your calorie intake or exercising more.

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