Fastest Way To Lose Weight

my weight loss journey explained

my weight loss journey explained

my weight loss journey explained

this video is mainly as explanation on what I personally did to lose weight πŸ™‚

stay tuned for what I eat in a day and low calorie vegan meal ideas!

I hope you enjoyed and sorry if the editing sucks ! I’m still learning ! haha

If you have any questions at ALL dm me and I’ll try to answer the best I can ❀️

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  1. Hey your video is really inspiring I've lost 120lbs, but I would recommend looking into reverse dieting so that way you're not stuck in a deficit forever and so that way you can increase your calories without gaining much weight or any weight at all!

  2. I think that my biggest problem is my family. Like, the moment they know im trying to loose weight, the start to make fun of me and literally get mad at me if i don’t accept any food they offer :/ anyways, im starting tomorrow and im really excited!! I’ll try to give updates! :3

  3. I’m 15, 5,5 and 195. I’m trying to lose weight and I’ll update my journey. Respond to this to make me update it!

  4. I'm 14 in I'm not feeling good I don't eat anything like that but snacks in noodles in my family is not help at all in I'm all ways saying im going to do it but never do it i dont have thee support i need or things i need i stop going places bc i dont feel good about myself all you seee is ppl saying live life it does not matter if u are this or that size but thats not the thing u dont feel like you can in all i see is ppl living there life on YouTube in I'm happy for them but its like i could be doing that!

  5. You’re super gorgeous I just wanna start and say, I’m super proud of you and I’m on a health journey of my own rn and this helped a bunch. Thank you so much for sharing your storyπŸ’œ

  6. I really wanna do this for myself this will probably be my hundredth attempt but definitely last. I have a aunt thats a fitness coach ik she’d love to help and you definitely inspired me ill be back in 5 months to let you know how i am. Im 13 at 240.

  7. I noticed a lot of teens my age are here sharing their journeys! I'm 15, I weigh about 106-110 lbs or 48-50kg and I think I'm 5'1. My waist is about 26-27 inches. I wonder if anyone here was successful in achieving a waist that's slimmer than mine?

    I exercise everyday at least 30 minutes (not much high impact or high intensity), I don't eat much of junk foods or fast foods, I try to eat vegetables everyday at least once in a meal (I don't achieve it everyday, sometimes I don't eat any at all because I'm still dependent on the meals my family make) and I drink at least 2L everyday.

    Some may say that my weight is already good and I should be satisfied, but I just want to achieve a slimmer waist. It's not like I hate my physic, I actually don't hate it, I'm rather thankful that I'm at a healthy BMI range. I just want to lose a bit more fat all over my body to achieve my dream body.

    Back to the question, was anyone able to achieve being fit or toned? I would really like to know. Thank you if you've read this far. I'm rooting for everyone who's trying to lose weight! Let's do our best!

  8. I am high school student and I am 100kg I faced all of those thing like bullying at school…I always motivate with some thing I start working out dite but I stop that after 1 months so I am really happy 4 u

  9. When the pandemic hit I didn't care how much I ate and it was miserable and my depression took a toll on me so I would eat soo much.
    Now I am weighing like 190 pounds, wanna go down to 110 Ibs this year or more.
    Good luck to those on a weight loss journey 🀍🀍

  10. Since last month I’ve been trying to glow up. I’ve been trying to take care of myself better lose weight and make more friends. I started over 240 pounds and now I’m down to about 233. I did lose a few times but every time I lost I kept getting back up. I’m tired of being obese and I’m going to change myself for the better I’m watching these videos to encourage myself to keep going because it’s hard not to eat a lot of food.

  11. im 12 πŸ˜₯. i think im 202 or more pounds. they say being younger helps lose the weight more, but it feels so hard. almost 4 months ago, i nearly died in the hospital just becausse of my weight. my asthma came back just because of my overweight..ness? and anyway it made me out of breath just to take a step, and i had to stay in the hospital with tubes and stuff all over me . anyway the point is i know its really hard and it hurts but we can get through this together. please dont end up like my past self. being overweight is .. literally deadly. πŸ˜₯

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