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Prednisone Weight Gain – How To Fix It

Prednisone Weight Gain – How To Fix It

Prednisone Weight Gain – How To Fix It

Prednisone causes weight gain for many reasons. Understanding these mechanisms and how to adjust your lifestyle is crucial in preventing that prednisone-induced weight gain!

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  1. This drug is terrible I am a kidny transplant patient and my doctor is forcing me to take this garbage drug is there a better alternative

  2. I have been on prednisone for 4-3 months now and I have gain almost all the weight I lost before I started prednisone and I eat lean protein and vegetable and still gain and I eat oatmeal so I don’t think your video is very helpful and I work out

  3. I was taking 20mg for 3 months i gained 20 pounds. I have been off them since February and a month ago started intermittent fasting a
    between 16 hours and 20 hours a day, i still eat carbs but no processed food except for the few slices of bread per day. I used to eat potato chips and chocs on steroids but since i started IF my diet has changed greatly, im not hungry however i have not lost any weight at all..its very disheartening. I do IF to combat the insulin resistance. Im now thinking eventhough im off steroids they perhaps are having a long term affect on me and now my metabolism is now in a mess. Please help I dont know what else to do.

  4. Ive taken prednisone since i was 9 and i gained 100 pounds im 14 now and still struggling to lose weight. Im 14 now and just got off of a few months ago. Im trying to loose the weight for my first year of highschool

  5. I've been on low dose Prednisone for a year and a half now for Ulcerative Colitis, and I've gone from lean to fat – I've gained around 55 pounds. And I do NOT binge eat nor do I eat that much as I often have no appetite. I did make the mistake of spending 3 months working out hard, thinking it would help me lose weight, but I gained more weight. So that crushed me, and I just gave up on everything. I used to be a gym fanatic and was so fit, and now I hate my body and only wear leggings and I look terrible and people treat me differently, worse. Docs say I may have to take Prednisone forever as my adrenals are very very low so I cannot quit taking Prednisone now. It's basically ruined my life. I also don't want to go out anymore. I was thin my whole effing life, and this drug has forever taken that away from me.

  6. Been on PREDNISONE since 1975 and am diabetic due to using this med long term. So INCREASE protein?

  7. It's not the weight gain that's the problem, it's the horrible distribution of fat you're left with. I lost the weight I gained but my body is ruined. I'm fat in a way I've never been in my life.

  8. i have been taking prendisone since i was a kid for extreme astma. the only diet that ever worked was one weirdly similar to what you are talking about that i basically made up with my mom taking into account all the trial and error from previous attempts. This vidoe is incredible. thak you so much for getting this out there. I can not tell you how perfect this is. Thank you. thank you. thank you.

  9. I lost 10 pounds in 3 months from 2 Kenalog 40 cortisone shots ,10 weeks apart., for rotator cuff injury._I am down to 105 pounds. It has poisoned my body, and I am still suffering from many horrible side effects to the point of having had heart attack symptoms and more.My pharmacist later said 1 shot stays in body for 8 weeks. Never again. And my shoulder got worse!

  10. Nice video, but these ads makes you really unreliable … to me! In Europe we don't like this mixing of medical concern and commercial interests.

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