Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Simple Weight Loss After 60: How to Quickly Drop 30 Lbs (Without Dieting!)

Simple Weight Loss After 60: How to Quickly Drop 30 Lbs (Without Dieting!)

Simple Weight Loss After 60: How to Quickly Drop 30 Lbs (Without Dieting!)

Simple Weight Loss After 60: How to Quickly Drop 30 Lbs (Without Dieting!)

Are you tired of looking for ways to cut calories in order to get to a healthy weight? Have you tried everything that you can think of to get fit again in your 60s? Then today’s video is for you!

So, in this morning’s video, I want to share a super simple technique that almost anyone can use to lose weight at any age. Don’t worry! I’m not promoting some magical pill or potion. I just want to share a few words of wisdom that may help you to reach your weight goals this year.

Are you trying to get to a healthier weight? What have you tried? Are you happy with your progress?

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  1. Thank you for your insight in helping seniors to stay moving. I retired 1-1-20. Weight is up, energy is down. Looking for something to get me moving again.

  2. I really enjoyed your video. I sustained a severe back injury, which l have difficulties walking, climbing stair and inclines. I tried to perform some of the chair and wall exercises, after 15 minutes of these exercises l am in PAIN. Walking a half a block is challenging. Any suggestions?

  3. So much truth in what you say.
    I am curently reading a book entitled "Sitting kills, Moving heals" by Joan Vernikos who used to work for NASA studying astronauts and how gravity effects their bodies.

    She say exactly what you've just said. We all need to just keep moving more. We don't need to work out in gyms but do gentle walks and keep moving more often to work against gravity and keep our bone density in good shape as it deteriorates as we age.

    She recommends rebounding/mini trampolines. Gentle bouncing works every muscle in your body and is a good cardio workout too. 5 minutes fitted in now and again throughout your day is better than a 30 minute jog and it builds bone density as well. That's why astronauts do rebounding when they come back from space to rebuild their muscles and bone density. Rebounders are gentle on joints and are small enough to fit into most homes. Put some music on and bounce along to your favourite tunes.

  4. I gained about 20lbs. in 2 yrs. I had ankle replacement and then a knee replacement. (Same leg.) However I realized I still had things within my reach. Water, remote gum, phone. magazines ,ect. So I moved things to their proper place. So I have to get up and get them. I did great in therapy. I was 30 lbs over weight to begin with. Hanging on !

  5. Eat good cuts of meat with salad/ no toast, rice, pasta, pudding, cake, bread / trade those out for carrots raw apples raw celery or juice these three// I prefer chicken breasts and beef tenderloins those combined with and delicious salads/ you won’t need much else ///eating dry fruit and pecans for snacks what a great cleanse/. I find I take advice from those who have great bodies after 60 some guy I know who was a stone cutter his whole life his body is cut better than a 35 year old he looks 60 but he’s 83. Lifestyle that produces longevity is one without troubles regardless of age/👍👣💋 don’t give up beer or wine 🍺

  6. Margaret, you’re looking especially bright & beautiful today! I like this background better than the last one.
    I’ve recently lost 20 lbs and work out 3-4 times a week doing low impact exercise. I’ve been on a keto diet and reversed my diabetes. It is now a lifestyle for me. I color, read and solve crossword puzzles. I also spend about an hour a day reading email messages and watching you Tube. I guess typing would help burn calories as well. Thanks for this topic that’s so relevant to us retirees!

  7. I sit because I have nothing to do. 😄. You asked, “What are you doing now”? I respond, “eating candy”. Of course I am reclining on my sofa. In my defense, I did paint my garden fence today and my back is killing me now r prove it. I am not obese, or even much overweight, but I would like to maintain a certain weight, I work out twice a week with a physical trainer, but I don’t lose weight, I gain, so I have given up. I eat what I want. If I die a few years early, who cares, I will have lived happily.

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