Fastest Way To Lose Weight

SUB) How TWICE Lose Weight (Korean Diet Doctor)

SUB) How TWICE Lose Weight (Korean Diet Doctor)

SUB) How TWICE Lose Weight (Korean Diet Doctor)


Hi, it’s Korean Diet Doctor.
TWICE Ji Hyo had lost over 15kg after the debut.
We’ll be talking about how to lose weight
and there are some foods that trainees are not allowed to eat.
We’ll find out foods you should avoid.
I hope you have fun and let me know in the comments below should you have any questions.

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  1. That’s why South Korea has the highest depression rate and even Kpop stars committed suicide

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  3. Korean beauty standards are so unhealthy and their idea of beauty is so narrow. I think it’s really sad to see all these young people starve themselves in order to not get hate from the public.

  4. Okay but the chubbier version of her looks so cute like I wanna hug her i-

  5. Am I the only one who's happy for her successful diet? I mean yeah she lost much weight but she looks healthier now (than in sixteen), also it's good for her career cause her current shape helps her to dance more agile and beautiful. And as far as I know, she lost her weight in a healthy way

  6. I just want to go and tell them that they are so beautiful in the whole world and beauty is not only abt losing weight having skinny body by doing things that might harm u in a certain way . Ps. Even im a chubby girl trying to lose weight but I don't do anything that will affect my mental health. U guys are so beautiful and talented . First love ur self fans and society r secondary things ❤️

  7. Omg… Im not even a blink… But I admire jihyo so much…. I know twice bcz of her… She's the prettiest in my eyes…. Even one of the prettiest idols ive ever seen

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