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The Gastroparesis Diet | Sophie

The Gastroparesis Diet | Sophie

The Gastroparesis Diet | Sophie

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A lot of things that we spoonies get told actually would benefit those without Gastroparesis as well. As better metabolism will help with energy, weight and so much more 🙂

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  1. I was diagnosed with GP. I am overweight. In 2003 I had a laparoscopic Nissen and ever since I cannot drink carbonated drinks and I can only drink with a straw. When I was a kid I have always had a very hard time being able to eat many different types of foods like many fruits and vegetables. My entire life if I was to eat a salad I would get sick the minute I put it in my mouth let alone if I was to get any of it down? For example, if I have a burger it could only have the bun meat and cheese and no spread of any kind. No mayo etc. If I was to have a tuna fish sandwich it could only be made with butter plane. I have been trying to lose weight but have been having a hard time doing so? I was just put on a medication called Metformin because I was told I was producing too much insulin and that was causing me to gain weight? I hate the food pyramid and even the my plate because they don't address issues like GP and other dietary issues? Because I am legally blind and use a power chair with limited mobility it's hard to read labels and count calories to be healthy and know what will help me lose weight and live healthier? I wish someone could make a video about this issue?

  2. Hi SOFIE Thank you for the great video I’ve been dealing with it for over a year smaller meals definitely helps , I eat about two dozen eggs a week. The biggest thing I found for me to help which might also help your viewers is to go gluten-free that has really helped me a lot today’s wheats are so heavily genetically modified that it takes your body longer to break them down I have noticed this over the years growing up as a kid and eating on the farm as compared to eating breads and foods in an inner-city years later.

  3. Gracias tus tips, me han ayudado mucho. Llevo dos años con gastroparesis de 136 libras, solo peso 90 libras, no he podido ganar peso, como haces para verte tan bien.

  4. Depending on what has caused it. After extensive research, I have faith that they could be possible a way to effectively cure it or atleast reduce the symptoms. Gastroperesis caused by diabetes and autoimmune diseases is more difficult to treat but gastroperesis caused by physical injury to the vagus nerve during stomach or heart surgery is impossible to cure, especiallly it was cut and not just bruised. I recommend that we all buy a tens machine and tens ear clips which you can connect onto electrodes (wires) which connect to the machine. Research on low vagal tone and vagus nerve stimulation (tvns). Also research heart rate variability. Im going to also buy a strap on heart rate monitor with bluetooth to monitor my heart rate variabilty using an app. As you stimulate your vagus nerve, your heart rate viarability should increase, giving you an indication that your vagal tone is increasing. Also research on how and when to take readings. If you open you mouth at the back lies a hanging mass like a punching back (called the uvula). It should be hang straight down. If it is deviated to one side or does not retract when you say Ahhh, this could be a good indication that you vagus nerve has been damaged. The hypothesis is that by stimulating the vagus nerve,one could possibly treat or cure gastroperesis. Now this is still a new discovery medically and we are all different with other comorbidities. I dont even think doctors know this is possible. Alteast 99.999% of them don't. I have dysautonomia and gastorperesis.

    See when our vagus nerve is damaged by long term physical or psychological trauma including stress or illness, gastroperesis and other symptoms kick in. Our bodies become stuck in the sympathetic state which is our figh or flight response to danger. By stimulating the vagus nerve with a tens machine and tens ear clips (saw them on ebay and Amazon) you will within time (see difference in 6 weeks) increase you vagal tone (more like lifting weight for muscles) thus retraining your body to activate your parasympathetic nervous system which is our rest and digest response. See our vagus nerve is there for homeostasis. When we perceive danger it kicks into the sympathetic state, widens our pupils and increases our heart rate, preparing our bodies for fight or flight, run away. This kind of stimulation (a light zap on the targus region of the ear) is said to reactivate our parasymapathetic vagus nerve which is the normal state of not being in danger, and which is when rest and digestion is prioritized. On a healthy vagal tone this is how our brain communicates with all our organs, through the vagus nerve (a two way phone line). The vagus nerve conducts every involuntary actions in our bodies like a perfectly timed symphony. If you have a poor functioning vagus nerve (low vagal tone) many other problems can arise. These are depression, anxiety, poor concentration, acid reflux, abnormal heartbeats and hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing, nauses, reduced stomach acids and regulating body temperature, insomnia, lightheadedness and chronic fatigue . The vagus never also controls hormonal releases and tells you when you are hungry or full. A normally functioning vagus nerve controls inflammation in our bodies which is why a low vagal tone is associated with many autoimmune diseases. These diseases cause neurapathy which is damage to the peripheral nerves including sometimes the vagus nerve. When the vagus nerve is affected, a form of dysautonomia results which is the malfunctioning of the autonomic nervous system. This in turn slows down gastrointestinal motility(movement), because the brain can no longer communicate effectively with your gut. The autonomic nervous system is the systems that controls all our involuntary bodily functions like our internal organs and blood pressure etc. Our stomaches don't expand as they should to accommodate food coming in when we eat and that is why we feel pain, nauseas or early fullness. The stomach muscle contractions are weak because the are controlled by the vagus nerve. The pyloric valve which opens up to let digested food out of the stomach and into the small interstines also mulfunctions, causing us to become bloated and to feel abdominal pains. Cells within the stomach can not tell the brain what foods we have consumed so that the right amount of acids within the right ph can be released, leading to food intolorences and malnutrition. That beautiful symphony between our internal organs and brain is messed up and needs to be rebalanced.

    They are ways (you can search on the internent) to stimulate your vagus nerve without using a tens unit but they are less effective and more difficult to be consistent at. I'm from South Africa and I've had this seen June 2020. I have all sorts of symptoms and I'm going to give the tens unit and ear clips a shot. I really have much faith in it after researching on the topic plus it's really my last hope. Doctors here are quiet dismissive and you'll end up thinking you've all alone or that you've totally lost your mind. I have about 90% of the symptoms I wrote above and all the doctor is treating are symptoms with antidepressants and pain killers (the side effects where worse than what they were trying to treat, so I stopped the medications). I'm now just taking suppliments like magnesuim, multivitamins and vitamin b12. People with pace makers more especially a heart pacemakers or any electronic implants for that matter should not use the tens machine to stimulate the vagus nerve without talking to their doctors first as it could affect the way their pacer works. Trying to raise awareness about the possible treatment after months of self diagnosing myself and looking for a cure. The tens machine should not hurt but give a tolerable stimulation for about 20 minutes a day. I think people who say they were spontaneously healed from gastroperesis some how managed to regain their vagal tone or recover from a low vagal tone thus curing thier gastroperesis. I dont want to recommend a tens unit here but I have currently ordered one and a set of ear clips. On this model you can set the pulse rate and widths for better results. Praying and wishing everyone good luck. Remain positive and know that even if we find out that it does or does not cure gastroperesis, it has been proven to dramatically lessen the symptoms of gastroperesis and ones overall health in general. Spread the word if you find this method successful. God bless everyone.

  5. This is ALL Great Advice, Thanks! My Aunt was diagnosed a year or so ago, and is struggling pretty bad, and asking for advice, recipes, etc. I know Nothing about Gastroparesis, except that I could someday get it, where I was diagnoses with Type 1 Diabetes in August of 2018, so Hoping I don't get this, but trying to learn more in case I do. Thanks for sharing your journey. I subscribed, I loved your video, So Fun, and Informative! I have a favor to ask of you. If you can find the time, I would love for you to go check out my Aunt's most recent video where she talks briefly about what she is going through with the Gastroparesis, and maybe you could help her with some advice, since you have some Great Advice. Her channel name is Life With Granny T. I will share your info with her, but she is older, and kinda new to all this technology stuff, so I don't know if she will be able to find you. <3 CoCo aka Codee

  6. Thank you Sophie… ❤️❤️❤️

    I am new to this condition… caused by major back surgery and years of taking morphine for chronic pain…

    Too have given me much food for thought… !

  7. I've been managing my GO for several years very successfully with the Autoimmune Protocol Diet, grazing, no large meals, no gluten, no processed foods, no artificial flavoring, coloring, sweetners, especially processed sugar. Over the process of a year, I lost over 70 pounds, which my body and my doctors loved. I also found amazing products like stomach enzymes, taken three times a day between meals, which breaks down food faster and Pre and probiotics which encourages the entire gastrointestinal system to work quicker, and healthier. I also drink ginger tea and keep candied ginger in my purse for any nausea that does happen. It can feel limiting at first, but the nausea happened less and less, I stopped vomiting, and pain decreased greatly. I strongly recommend finding a Nutritionist who actually specializes in Gastroparesis, IBS, autoimmune diseases, unfortunately many do not and end up giving poor advice. Also, practice really listening to your body, craving certain food items can mean you are lacking in certain minerals or vitamins. If your stomach doesn't like something, stay away from it. For me it was too much sugar, milk, gluten, and especially alcohol. It really is worth having a strict diet, and understanding that we are all unique physiologically, what works for you may not work for someone else, and that's okay. But after dealing with Gastroparesis and IBS, I've really learned that a strict, very healthy diet makes a huge difference for the positive, in many ways. Blessings Be to everyone.

  8. I made the fatal error of getting Mcdonald's while i was away from home, and i really paid the price.
    First the pain building & moving up, then the intense nausea, then throwing up all over the city during
    the day.
    Four hours later, i was coming out of it & almost in a fetal position.
    For me, it feels like intense food poisoning for a few hours with cold sweats.
    Is there anything to take when you feel it begin?

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