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The Most Motivating 6 Minutes of Your Life | David Goggins

The Most Motivating 6 Minutes of Your Life | David Goggins

The Most Motivating 6 Minutes of Your Life | David Goggins

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  1. I reamember in army 70km hike in full gear when i felt i cant go any more and might pass out, drill sergeant said when you start to feel this way, you have strenght to go for 1/3 more. And i did. Now years later im softer again, need to remind myself this sometimes.

  2. My dad is a marine vet and mom a navy vet. I got talked to like this my whole life lol. Nothing was sugar coated.

  3. That what if David Gogins is talking about ia actualy the first step of directing tge subcontious mind where you wana go and what you wana do
    Basicly its to stop beliving and start thinking what if i could be strong and mentaly tough and do thi every day

  4. Today is the day I will start my weight loss journey I’ve said this before but today I’m serious about it.

  5. "Find someone to throw the towel back at you"
    That's what my brother's here for, and that's why I'm here for him, too. Great advice in this video, thank you.

  6. David Goggins is a true friend that will tell you to your face it's time to start bettering yourself and quit making up excuses

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