Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Vince’s 5 best tips | Weight Loss (Take the body type quiz)

Vince’s 5 best tips | Weight Loss (Take the body type quiz)

Vince’s 5 best tips | Weight Loss (Take the body type quiz)


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  1. Lmao this dude is giving out horrible advice, anyone that tells you stay away from Cardio and fruits is a MAJOR red flag 🚩

    So aggravating, so, so repetitive, saying absolutely nothing, for over an hour… Go read a book or get
    100k and go help the homeless moron! When are
    men going to understand that women are looking
    for what u have inside. The great physic is the false
    lure tricking women into thinking the inside is just as
    beautiful as the outside… MEATHEADS!

  3. So yea, I get this guy BSing in every commercial that pops up while I'm watching a video, seriously! I thought you know what, let me find his actual video, and here it is.
    Hey, Vince stop the BS, most of your "models' are in the same physical shape during the before and after, the only difference is that they push out their stomach during the before and they suck it in during the after. In high school, were you voted most likely to annoy people on youtube?! Thumb down number 14 going your way.

  4. This is absolutely ridiculous- these ads target people who are beginning to work out and take advantage of their situation. Any foods in excess can be harmful, hence moderation- we're taught this in elementary school, you don't need to pay $200 for supplements to get into shape. Not only are his company's products ridiculously overpriced DESPITE him pretending to be the one who keeps the price lower ($150 instead of $200 for a whey protein with undisclosed ingredients) but denying the benefits of Cardio, fruits and veggies is horrific. Yes, there is sugar in fruits, veggies, etc but they are better than PROCESSED SUGARS, which is abundant in the pizza he is advertising to eat. What's worse is that he specifically targeted women as his target audience in that statement and that's atrocious- shaming women and giving the false idea of restriction of what they can eat based off of biological differences is body shaming. Women have a higher percentage of fat than men usually, that is how the human body works- stop restricting yourself based off what a man wants you to eat and look like.

    If you are beginning to work out (im not a personal trainer or dietitian, but I'll admit that since this company is too deep in money to say otherwise) clean eating can be easier to follow than all of these diet plans on v-shred. You don't have to go cold turkey, adjust slowly and carefully when necessary.

    Do not trust V-Shred, they want money and money alone at your expense. Although I have only been going to the gym for a year, even I can see this is inaccurate and harmful. What makes me disappointed is that Vince has obtained the body that everyone wants- and instead of supporting and respecting his fellow man, he instead uses his own body to only help him and his CEOs financially.

    I understand Vince that you are happy with the way you look and feel, but profiting off people's health makes you seem false and inconsiderate. As someone who literally just joined the fitness community, I condemn your message and actions.

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