Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Vitamin D & Carbs – Very Good News!

Vitamin D & Carbs – Very Good News!

Vitamin D & Carbs – Very Good News!

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  1. Vitamin D needs to be taken with K2 so calcium is absorbed into the bones instead of calcifying arteries. Without K2 vitamin D causes calcium to build up in arteries which can lead to cardiovascular issues.

  2. Where you live matters too. Plus your skin ton. I live in New England and I take 5000 units a day. I also run and bike outside and I was still deficient before taking a supplement.

  3. I have just bought oily fish, sardines in olive oil in a can. I can't eat them in the early part of the day because I'm on OMAD. Will I still get the benefits if I have them at the start of my evening meal at around 7pm?

  4. Thomas, the only thing different between you and a doctor is fake ass piece of paper… When does a piece of paper validate someone's credibility…

  5. I have a question about all these protein powders…every single one of them have iron in them. I remember one of Thomas's videos stating to not take iron unless you are deficient….please clarify, I'm 61 years old and iron levels are good. but a tiny bit on the lower side but good.

  6. If you have melanin in your skin, you need to take vitamin D3 supplements. Our skin doesn’t produce Vitamin D with sunlight exposure at the same rate that Caucasian skin does.

  7. Did you really say "Who likes strudel?" as if hardly anyone likes the most delicious food? Did you stop being able to understand my struggles? I couldn't concentrate the rest of the video for remembering delicious baked treats of my life and grieving for goodness sake.

  8. Thank you Thomas, you have helped me a tremendous amount over the past 18 months. You my friend are very, very good at what you do!

  9. This interestingly might be contra to the insulin model of weight gain, fat cells eat up vitamin D (which you've said in a previous video), maybe that's part of why overweight people have trouble with carbs? It could also be a compounding effect rather than just an either/or

  10. Say, Thomas, I have a bone to pick with you. Not only you but many. That is you all seem to concentrate on weight loss. Yes, we know there are many overweight/obese people But there are also we who are slim to skinny that feel left out of Keto context. Or at least I do. I lost 35 lbs in almost 4 mos. after starting Keto and no matter how much I ate I couldn't stop losing. So I stopped Keto. Because I didn't know what to do and no matter how much I listened to you and others, most info. given out was on weight loss. Could you include us more in your videos? Thanks, Thomas.

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