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Vitamin D & Weight Loss: Is Deficiency Making You Fat?

Vitamin D & Weight Loss: Is Deficiency Making You Fat?

Vitamin D & Weight Loss: Is Deficiency Making You Fat?

Vitamin D deficiency can make you less sensitive to the actions of insulin. Find out whether you need to worry about your vitamin D and the actions you should take!

Here’s a supplement I often recommend to my clients:
It includes 4000ius of vitamin D3, plus K2 and magnesium to aid absorption. These nutrients, plus the boron and zinc also included are extremely important for bone health, which deteriorated with low oestrogen/ peri-menopause onward.

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  1. I sure hope this works, I have/had a deficiency discovered 2 wks ago, been taking 10000 ius a day and I already feel the difference…I was in a 3000 calorie deficit and still not losing weight

  2. Had a test last week and my levels came as 6.8 which is super low considering I actually go out in the sun I'm on a supplement and eating a lot of fish too… hopefully it will improve by the time I go for the next test.

  3. I take it but after like a month or two of finishing the traitment it gets really low again I keep gaining weight

  4. I am now convinced vitamin D deficiency is a PRIMARY DRIVER of not only bad health, but obesity.
    Since I am a risk taker, and don't believe a word the government says, I'm taking 25,000 IU daily of vitamin D3. I found out by doing my own research that vitamin D toxicity kills basically nobody, and vitamin D deficiency kills millions, so I believe that having too much vitamin D is a lot smarter than too little.
    Since I have been stable at 212-214 pounds after losing 20 pounds on the carnivore diet, I thought I was going to be there for life.
    Since taking these supplements for a couple of weeks, I have already lost 7 pounds, and that's a lot for me because I'm already kind of thin and healthy..
    The experts are lying about vitamin D toxicity. It kills nobody, and is smart to take too much instead of too little…up you blood concentration of vitamin D to 100-125 ng/ml for best results…if your scared about toxicity, just take magnesium and vitamin K2 then you have nothing to worry about…don't take my word for it…do your own research, and you will find that vitamin D3 is completely safe…nobody dies from it…

  5. The medical industrial complex's failure to properly research and diagnose and treat diet and microbiome and sleep and vital nutritional deficiency issues (including those related to Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 and Magnesium deficiencies as well as iatrogenic prescription medication usage) is a major reason why psychiatric iatrogenesis is a primary contributor to the third leading cause of death in the U.S. (which is iatrogenesis in general). If the U.S. spent just a fraction of the over $40 billion each year it spends just on iatrogenic psychiatric drugs alone, for properly researching the issues discussed in this and related YouTube presentations we would probably, Lord willing, achieve an absolute revolution in medical efficacy improvement and iatrogenesis reduction.
    Thomas Steven Roth, MBA, MD
    Christian Minister for Biblical Medical Ethics, and therefore, Scientific and Religious Refugee from the Clinical Practice of Psychiatric Standards of Care

  6. Research now demonstrates death rate from COVID-19 can be decreased by 64% as well as decreasing hospital admissions to the ICU by 82% by giving vitamin D as Calcifediol. The following video describes this research And how vitamin D stops blood clotting and the cytokine storm and why zinc, vitamin A and magnesium are essential as well.

  7. I have been to the doctors for years about my psoriasis, hip pain and lethargy. They always took my weight and asked if I was trying to lose weight as it was increasing (also have weight checked for the contraceptive pill). I don't over eat although I could exercise more. However, my weight gain and other symptoms could be because of a vit.D deficiency. Doctors have never investigated this nor discussed it as a potential reason for other symptoms. If they had asked I would have said yes I've had some minor hair loss too among other symptoms!

  8. I cant loose weight, ive been trying since a year now and im still gaining weight eating clean. I checked my blood and i have vitamine D deficiency, i have 0.8. my doctor gave me a 50.000 week dosis for 6 weeks.
    Is it the vitamine d the cause of gain weight?

  9. I know this video is old so hoping you still check for comments. My vitamin d level is 2. My doctor has just given me 800mg to take daily. Would you consider this high enough?

  10. I gained 30 pounds in a 4 week time period last year. I work out everyday and eat super clean, but nothing ever worked. i ended up going to the doctor and my vitamin d was super low. i’m currently starting to lose weight and having more energy

  11. mine was 9 and they gave me supplement for a month and then off counter and i have gained 11+ kg and im exercising but only gaining. However, recently doctor said my vitamin D is normal now. so i wonder if me not loosing fat directly related?

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