Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Weight Loss vs. Lipo: Which is BETTER!?

Weight Loss vs. Lipo: Which is BETTER!?

Weight Loss vs. Lipo: Which is BETTER!?

In this video, Dr. Sagar Patel, one of the world’s best chin lipo surgeon, discusses the importance of your weight pre and post-op to get the best chin lipo results.

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Video for How To Lose Weight Under Chin
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  1. even more confused now ahaha. So should I go on a cut and get to my goal 12-15% body fat before lipo? Or just get lipo at my current 23% BF and then start cutting? I am at my goal weight but not my goal bf%
    Note: I have been at 13-14%% before and my chin area just dosnt lose the fat, thats why I am highly considering lipo.

  2. I'm a 41 year old man, 10% body fat shredded abs and still had a double chin. No weight loss was going to correct it. I got neck/chin lipo a week ago and even the current swelling its GONE.

  3. OMG I love your way of helping us who are looking into a procedure such as this. The fact that HEALTH over money and looks is so refreshing. I have been at a healthy, stable weight for 1+ year now but the chin is still here in all her glory so I realized now is the time to start looking into this procedure. I learned from a friend that was a cronic yo-yo dieter and she would do all the procedures and would blame her doctors about the results. I learned a lot about watching her journey and didn't want to do the same.

  4. Im a thin person with a big chubby face 😢 and loose skin jawls πŸ˜žπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈWhat combination to get a thin thight V face?.. I have try double chin lipo and didnt help I also have a chin πŸ˜” problem it's so push back and it doesn't have length..Do you recommend Chin lipo w/ buccal fat removal, chin implant and lower face skin thighting?? Can you talk about this is this the perfect combination 😍 and beautiful results plz πŸ™ do a video and if you have done it can you show pictures vz the other procedures..

  5. Personally if youre morbidly obese I wont suggest undergoing liposuction If you lost alota weight but you still have a gut or a double chin than yeah I would totally undergo liposuction to fix it

  6. Thank you Dr! I called a plastic surgeon center at my local area and showed a pic of my chin was told am not a good candidate and I should lose weight instead. I don’t understand why I should lose weight when chin fat is the most difficult to lose. I have always had a double chin even when I was 165lbs.

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