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When Will I See Weight Loss Results? 3 Things to LOOK FOR!

When Will I See Weight Loss Results? 3 Things to LOOK FOR!

When Will I See Weight Loss Results? 3 Things to LOOK FOR!

When will you see results? You can see them faster if you know what you are looking for and stick to a plan! If you follow these tips you will start to see weight loss results in no time! The question “when will I see weight loss results?” or “When is weight loss noticeable?” is a common question and one that, if you know the three things to pay attention to, is very answerable.

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When Will I see weight loss results? When is weight loss noticeable? Aaron from 4 Faith Fitness answers that for you in this video and gives you three tips on how to notice weight loss, feel motivated, and what to look for.

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  1. I know that 3 days is no time whatsoever but I swear I'm skinnier already it almost definitely is 0 bloating but I feel great within myself I swear I just feel more atheletic

  2. I’m starting my 6th week at the gym. I have a trainer and, in addition, go 3 more times. No obvious results yet.

  3. 2:20

    This is so true. I was about 5/6 months into training. I knew I had lost weight abit but not as much as I thought it should be based on scales.

    I used to have a vest jacket that I couldn’t even zip up. I tried it on the other day and I had enough space to wear a hoodie underneath and still be comfortable. Also my work trousers had about 2 inches of spare room and I used to have to suck my belly in to get it done up.

    They say “Trust the process” because the process is HARD, it can set you back, it can make you give up….the “process” doesn’t come in one week, it can be one year.

  4. Yooo. I just tried on an old hoodie that hadn't fitted me for years.
    I'm so stoked!
    Thank you so much for this idea.

  5. Thank you! I started a little before Christmas and I feel it . I will try on some old clothes thanks again great video

  6. i’m 210 5’4 female, i’m thinking of going on a calorie deficit and want to see results as soon as possible, do u have any advice in terms of nutrition and excercise. i want to see a difference around my hips, stomach and thighs also face weight since i’m very insecure ab that 🙁

  7. It’s been 1 month on tomorrow and I’m only down 8 pounds. I want to lose 70 lbs by new year. I started July 21 2021. Am I making unrealistic goals?

  8. I have walked around 10k steps for 11 days now and also been in a calorie deficit for 10 of them, but my weight has stayed exactly the same so I’m happy I found this so I won’t lose motivation!

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