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Why so many people are turning to a diabetes drug for weight loss | ABCNL

Why so many people are turning to a diabetes drug for weight loss | ABCNL

Why so many people are turning to a diabetes drug for weight loss | ABCNL

ABC News’ Stephanie Ramos reports on the sudden demand for a class of drugs approved for Type 2 diabetics but often used off-label to dramatically lose weight.

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  1. God bless you now and always Dr Igudia on YouTube, Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for helping me cure my Diabetes I was facing, I am now diabetes negative after my test result came out, I will be happy to recommend you to other people around the word

  2. Have you ever considered getting it in Canada? I fill it in Canada and then in the US as well. Get tons of extra pens then. And if my family member needed the medication for diabetes I would get it for them just as I do now. It’s called people being totally unprepared and not thinking about long term economic conditions.

  3. How about making continuous glucose monitors (CGM) available and covered by insurance for those that are not yet diabetic so that they can see the impact of what they eat? I have found using CGMs extremely effective as my doctor and I can see every change in my blood glucose levels. It helps me keep low carb and move from prediabetic to normal insulin levels. But my first doctor would not prescribe it and my insurance won't cover it because I am not diabetic. Insanity! So I found a doctor who specializes in weight loss and reversing disease through keto (Dr. Tro) and now I can have a CGM but I pay out of pocket. It is worth it and a lot less risk of side effects than with a drug!

  4. Now let’s find out how many of these weight loss influencers/content creators used this to boost their results ☕️

  5. My husband is a diabetic and on ozempic so now these people are using it as a weight loss drug and it’s getting very hard to get all because people want to lose weight. It should only be allow for people with diabetes.

  6. I was giving someone weight loss advice, only to find out that they were taking weight loss medication.

    So many depend on pharmaceuticals, so they can “manage” their diseases.

  7. Disgusting to see comments about how much weight these people lost on this drug when this drug was intended for DIABETICS!! How absurd! This should not be allowed! Diabetes is a SERIOUS disease!
    You can die from it !
    I have worked in the healthcare industry and have seen complications.
    Now they are using this as a weight loss drug ? If you have a problem with your weight- see a Dr that won’t put you on medication!
    This is not for you . The side effects are weight loss but did you stop and think of the long term side effects of this drug because it’s not taken for what’s it intended for ?
    Maybe think of that ? And who you are seeing as a Witch Dr who prescribed this to you .
    I would not even have the guts to comment or brag on here right now . When there are millions of people out of a drug who desperately NEED this drug for health reasons instead of you .

  8. What a waste of medication for people using it as a diet drug .
    There are very sick people out there that need this medication for health care. Not for people who don’t want to exercise,eat healthy and go see a doctor for their issues with their weight. Doctors need to stop prescribing this medication too ! Shame on you all !

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