Fastest Way To Lose Weight

You Need To Eat More In Project Zomboid Now

You Need To Eat More In Project Zomboid Now

You Need To Eat More In Project Zomboid Now

Patch Notes:

You gotta eat more now. Not much to say here.

Stirring The Forest – FF9

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  1. I found this video because my character dropped 5 kg in a week. From 80 already down to 75 and it's still going down. I just eat when the game tells me to. Maybe I should be Full to Bursting after every meal?

  2. This was such a bad change they did. Ive now released a mod fix for this on steam workshop called: Calorie Fix . It adjusts walking speed calories to be less than running to make it more realistic and manageable.

  3. I've played so much of V41, I'm done with it. But god, I can't wait for V42. All the changes thats already happened and will happen, it's like I'm waiting for PZ2! Hoping its gonna be as amazing as it felt when I logged in on V41 the first time and for a solid 375h

  4. Always felt like I needed to go on a cabbage diet always when I started to always near 100kg on any character I had.. hopefully this helps

  5. My character is almost always losing weight despite eating to the point of bursting all the time. I can't seem to keep the weight up.

  6. I dont MIND the change in theory…

    but i think instead of just increasing walk and run values, the old normal should be tied to walking, a lower amount burned for standing still, and a greater for running and sprinting.

    As of right now it just means a base increase to how much food you need, NO MATTER WHAT.

    even if you are at a safehouse reading all day, the walks to kitchen for food/ basic movement will end up with a small-but still net increase in calories burnt.

    If it was changed to actually reduce standing still consumption, days that you dont do shit would actually burn less food than the current standard. Im fine with a risk-reward system in this game but theres no reward with this impelentation. It is always going to be a net food increase no matter what you do.

    Do not like this change as it stands at all.

    After watching and seeing that running uses less calories than walking, yeah, this change sucks. Just a bad call/implementation IMHO

  7. woohh… that makes no f sense.
    I can walk to the city just fine (IRL) but it might takes a while.
    Running however, well, that would burn me out ez pz …. but there its nearly the same Oo
    Walking should take like 2 mins or so – given that its slow

  8. Debating on whether not to add hydrocraft its a huge mod that simplifies a lot of things you can't do in the game with a hefty content gate… but from what I've seen like the mines and different workbenches and what not look fun but not sure if it'll break the game too much

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