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6 Common FAT BURNERS – Which One is Right For You?!

6 Common FAT BURNERS – Which One is Right For You?!

6 Common FAT BURNERS – Which One is Right For You?!

*Considering implementing a FAT BURNER to your eating plan? Which one is right for you? Coach Tonya discusses 6 COMMON fat burners in this video.*

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When it comes to FAT BURNERS there is no shortage of selection. This can make it very challenging to know WHICH TYPE is the best choice for you if this is something you are considering. Before running out and grabbing the first thing off the shelf that jumps out at you because it makes INCREDIBLE CLAIMS . . . watch this video to find out more about 6 COMMON TYPES OF FAT BURNERS and how they actually work in your body.

When it comes to fat burners they tend to be named in a way that indicates how they are meant to work in your body and what they do. BUT . . . before running out to purchase a fat burning supplement there are a couple things you need to consider:

1. NO FAT BURNER WILL WORK if you do not already have a solid and consistent eating plan! A fat burner is not a ONE STOP FIX that will override any and all of your poor eating habits and behaviors and “poof” magically allow you to lose weight effortlessly.

2. When choosing a fat burning supplement, choose one that is going to work with what you are already doing so that it SUPPORTS your goals.

So what are 6 COMMON FAT BURNERS? Well here . . .

These are the most common type of fat burning supplement. They work by increasing your metabolic rate which results in more calories being burned. Thermogenics usually contain a lot of caffeine so if you are a coffee drinker, be aware of this!

These work by reduce your appetite & helping to curb cravings so you eat less & therefore reduce overall caloric intake. However, this does not address EMOTIONAL eating, so even if this supplement works to reduce appetite and curb cravings you will continue to consume extra calories if you are and emotional eater.

Carb blockers reduce the absorption of carbohydrates from the foods you consume, so that they pass through your system without being digested.

Cortisol blockers reduce the amount of cortisol that will be stored as fat in your cells, particularly around the midsection of your body.

Fat blockers reduce the amount of fat your body absorbs from the food you eat.

Herbals are naturally sourced supplements and are gaining in popularity as the term “natural” eludes to “better for you.” Most herbals on the market work similar to thermogenics and the MOST COMMON herbal fat loss supplements are:
*Green Tea Extract
* Guarana
* Yohimbine

At the end of the day it is IMPERATIVE to keep in mind that FAT BURNING supplements of ANY KIND are not going to help you lose excess body weight. Further to that, whether they do or not and HOW MUCH largely depends on what you are already doing as part of your lifestyle choices to lose weight.

Thank you for watching this video. If you have any questions for Coach Tonya please post them below and be sure to click on that notification button to make sure you don’t miss out on any of our SPECTACULAR content! Be well . . . be healthy . . . be happy!

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