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7 BEST Proteins For Smoothies To Lose Weight [Protein Powders + Whole Foods]

7 BEST Proteins For Smoothies To Lose Weight [Protein Powders + Whole Foods]

7 BEST Proteins For Smoothies To Lose Weight [Protein Powders + Whole Foods]


7 BEST Proteins For Smoothies To Lose Weight [Protein Powders + Whole Foods]
What are the best proteins to use in your healthy smoothies if weight loss is your goal? Today I’m sharing the top 7 proteins to use in your smoothies to lose weight. These range from whole food and protein powder options, as well as plant and animal-based options.







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  1. What about collagen? So far, it’s my favorite to add to coffee and smoothies taste wise, and my hair and nails love it.

  2. Autumn I love your videos and they have helped me a lot, but I notice you mention Greek yogurt and cottage cheese a lot, which I love both but unfortunately am very dairy sensitive, having about 1/3 cup of cheese in eggs is about all my body can handle without breaking out the next day. Is there something else I can add to my smoothies aside from nut butters, almond milk, and protein powder that might give me the same smooth creaminess without the dairy and still get the protein levels needed? 😁

  3. You ROCK Autumn. Thanks for all you do. My wife and I are enjoy the IF program. Your meal recipes are soooo good.

  4. I have had a problem to understand how to get enough protein through greek youghurt. It did not make sense to me. I now understand why. Swedish greek youhurt contain about half the amount of protein compaired to American. But we have an alternative that is simular in protein content as your greek youghurt 🙂 phu, took me a while to get my brain wrapped around that one.

  5. Can anyone recommend brands they feel are safe? I guess she didn't mention for legal purposes. Thanks! I'm new to the health world but started intermittent fasting and loving the energy and bloat going away

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