Fat Burner

Correct Walking Heart Rate for Weight Loss

Correct Walking Heart Rate for Weight Loss

Correct Walking Heart Rate for Weight Loss

Trying to loose weight, getting in your steps and nothing is happening? There is a simple solution as to why just hitting your daily step goal isn’t helping on the scale. Watch to find out why!

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Video for Fat Burning Zone Walking
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  1. Joe… I love your channel. Especially your food reviews. I live in Barrie but I need to get over to Niagara for some β€œcup n’ char!” Doesn’t exist up here.

    Question. Have you ever thought about adding a weight program to your weight loss? I was 235 on November 23 when I started my current weight loss journey. This morning… I weighed in at at 191! 44 pounds so far. I’ve added a weight program in the past month and everything is starting to look good. 11 pounds until my goal of 180!

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