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Diet & Nutrition : Do You Lose Weight When Using Hydroxycut?

Diet & Nutrition : Do You Lose Weight When Using Hydroxycut?

Diet & Nutrition : Do You Lose Weight When Using Hydroxycut?

While many people will lose weight using Hydroxycut, the stimulate effects that cause weight loss will wear off when the pill is eliminated or becomes tolerated. Avoid using unnatural stimulants to decrease appetite and consider information from a nutritional consultant in this free video on weight loss and nutrition.

Expert: Charlotte Skiles
Contact: www.charlotteskiles.com
Bio: Charlotte Skiles is the founder of Eat in Peace Wellness Consulting, in Austin, Texas.
Filmmaker: Todd Green

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  1. Lmao this is fucking dumb… I would never go her as a doctor why not use some actual facts rather than your whack phoney opinion… The only ingredient that's stimulant is Caffeine… Smfh

  2. 10 years ago i lost over 80 pounds on hydroxycut, eating healthy, and running. Only took about 7-8 months. Over the last 10 years I've gained most of it back, and am starting back on this again. I've never had any issues while taking it, and I've been trying to lose weight without any help and at 32 yo now its just not as easy. This product actually works

  3. I used Hydroxycut to reduce my weight, I was 262 lbs and I was running around the track along with the chin-up bar. It's not for everybody absolutely, but, if you eat right and have an active, (be it job or career-wise), it's a good shortcut to lose weright. I was fortunate because they changed their formula and it worked for me to lose 100lbs of weight. It's not for everybody though. I had to switch to the caffeine free version because the normal dose did take it's toll with the caffeine levels. Didn't mix well with Trilepital. So, to each his own but, if they get enough water and electrolytes, it's a great short-term weight loss. This isn't a lifetime thing it's a temporary kickstart to a better life. You have to belive in a better YOU.

  4. Using isaac newtons law of what goes up must come down in regards to metabolism right at the beginning of the video made you lose all of your profesionalism.

  5. Thank you, that's what I assumed. All the reviews that I've seen, people are EXERCISING.. Just taking 2 makes me shake and I'm nauseous. I felt okay for a little while after I ate, and I had enough energy to do a full video of slim in 6.. But I can't imagine someone taking 4 of them in a day 😟

  6. My next question was "can I lose weight taken cocaine" and BAM!!! a nutritionist pretty much said use cocaine to lose weight. Time to lose a few pounds 😀

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