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DNP / Dinitrophenol | World's Strongest Fat Burner| Intellectual Muscle Steroids -Pt.1/2

DNP / Dinitrophenol | World's Strongest Fat Burner| Intellectual Muscle Steroids -Pt.1/2

DNP / Dinitrophenol | World's Strongest Fat Burner| Intellectual Muscle Steroids -Pt.1/2

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DNP / Dinitrophenol | World’s Strongest Fat Burner| Intellectual Muscle Steroids -Pt.1/2

Intellectual Muscle School of Steroids, explaining the Uncoupling Mechanism and it’s effect on your Metabolism for Fat Burning Results, along with a Review on it’s blood tests.

Guys this is ONLY Part 1, Part 2 is here click to check it out!

I’ve been wanting to make this one for the LOOOOOONGEST amount of time but have been holding off because of the reasons mentioned in the video itself.


00:00 – Intro
01:20 – Why I never addressed this EXTREMELY interesting compound before…
02:25 – DNP Transformation Results Before and After
03:55 – DNP Double Standards
06:15 – Analyzing a Properly setup DNP run
08:45 – DNP and ‘Magic’ w.r.t Metabolic Damage
09:45 – What is DNP or Dinitrophenol and HOW does it work?
11:30 – WHY I find DNP so fascinating…
15:46 – DNP passing the AMES test

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  1. I have been struggling to lose anymore weight at this point. I was 450lbs around 8 years ago, and now I'm 244lbs and can't really seem to lose anymore weight. I can't find dnp anywhere for sale though. I have multiple chronic medical problems and not sure what to fo anymore 😕

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  3. Very risky drug! But hey ppl don't wanna work hard anymore. I prefer to work hard! If there is one drug I'm against it's this one. Don't know too much about it.

  4. Great video, BUT, cardarine is 80mg/kg/day, as in if you weigh 80kg you will need to take in 6400mg/day for you to seriously put yourself in danger😂 not saying that’s correct, 10-20mg a day doesn’t really do much to my bloods while cutting only on 150mg /week of Testosterone Cypionate.

  5. It set in nearly on third day when I used it. It caused me stomach aches and profuse sweating. Now I have hyperhydrosis and I took that shit nearly 6 years ago. Can you throw some light on stomach aches??

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