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Do Waist Trainers Really Work? Find out HERE! W/GetFitWithKB

Do Waist Trainers Really Work? Find out HERE! W/GetFitWithKB

Do Waist Trainers Really Work? Find out HERE!  W/GetFitWithKB

Hey everyone! I’m your Health & Fitness Specialist Kelly Brown, and here is my review on if waist trainers really work. I have been getting this question for some years now, and I’ve finally set aside some time to answer. Many of my clients have tried waist training after pregnancy, waist training after a c-section and I definitely think it helps to hold everything in place. Yet you should note that wearing a waist trainer during a workout may have disadvantages because it removes your core from the equation while doing certain exercises that may have been meant to STRENGTHEN your core. Anyway, watch the video for more details.


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  1. So here’s a quick update. They work, but here’s how: Have you ever broken a bone and had to get a cast? Remember how when you remove the cast, the muscle underneath shriveled up (atrophied)? Well same happens with a waist trainer. Your abdomen muscles atrophy, but it’s temporary. As for the moving of organs around, we still don’t have any current proof. Ancient people used to do it and it would rearrange their organs but that information is obsolete.

  2. always good to lead a video with “i dont even know if this is the thing im making a video on” and “im not sure if this is factual”

  3. People, please understand that weight lifting belts are not used to minimize the working of your abs during squats. Its to help support your back so you can lift heavy. Its important to brace your core to create stability so you can lift efficiently but it is not to take out the affect of working your abs. Your abs are barely activated during squats as they are more for activating the quads, glutes, and some hamstring movement.

  4. For me, working out is not my problem. I love to workout. I was a cheerleading since 10 years old up until high school. So my body was already developed for squatting, lifting, etc. however now that I haven’t been active like that, My problem comes down to calorie deficit. I have been trying to watch my calorie intake and it’s been a struggle. I don’t want to go over 1,800.

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