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Evogen Physique Workshop Part 4 – Supps and Cardio with Hany Rambod

Evogen Physique Workshop Part 4 – Supps and Cardio with Hany Rambod

Evogen Physique Workshop Part 4 – Supps and Cardio with Hany Rambod

Evogen Nutrition CEO Hany “The Pro Creator” Rambod is also the creator of the FST-7 training system. Under his guidance, top physique competitors have won 17 Olympia titles. In this episode you’ll learn about how supplement timing ties into your cardio regimen to dial in your perfect physique.
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  1. Not good voice quality….also plz let me know …how about India 🇮🇳 you if guys can deliver

  2. am i doing something wrong? i take a scoop of lipocide IR in the morning for my fasted sprints but i dont sweat as much. i do what jeremy recommends in his cut pdf, i also drink like half a gallon a day, the preworkout helps me sweat a lot in the gym but not lipocide IR

  3. best in the game is an understatement… Hanny Ive been following u jeremy and heath for awhile now… ive learned a lot from your style of training and use it in my workouts. Also have all my partners using carnigen+lipocide ir…. I know u get a lot of comments but I'm someone with so much drive and passion that i shock myself… i know your a busy man but if u take just 3 mins of your time.. U will see i put my ALLLLLLLLLLL into my workouts and just u showing me u took the time to see that would be nothing but the world to me… were all human and we all start from somewhere

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