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Fat Loss Drugs for Bodybuilding: Ephedrine & Its Side Effects

Fat Loss Drugs for Bodybuilding: Ephedrine & Its Side Effects

Fat Loss Drugs for Bodybuilding: Ephedrine & Its Side Effects

Get the app! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maikwiedenbach.bodybuilding Fat loss drugs for bodybuilding; Ephedrine & its side effects: Ephedrine used to be a very popular fat loss tool in the US, until it was banned. The New York City based personal fitness & bodybuilding trainer Maik Wiedenbach gives you the breakdown on Ephedrine results:
1. Is Ephedrine effective?
2. What can you expect?
3. What is ephedrine? How does it work?
4. Do you need to stack it?
5. Is Ephedrine dangerous?
6.How long and how much can you take Ephedrine?

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  1. I’m to skinny to use this! Is there any other aggressive drug that heightens your receptors and makes blood travel faster in your body? I’ve been on a cocktail of l-theanine AAKG and I was thinking of adding something else but don’t know what. Any suggestions?

  2. I used to use ephedrine, (Mini-Thins,) in my early bulking days 20 years ago. I have Asthma, big time, also. It kept me pretty lean. He's right. It's a dangerous drug, so don't overdo it.

  3. Hey Mike can I take ephedrine in morning Empty stomach before going to Jogging is there any … Side effect …. ?

  4. I am suffering from asthma severally . No bloody steroid is curing me. Many years back i used brovon inhaler. It cured me it contained ephedrine or adrenalin. But now asays it is not available . I am paying a lot for steriods . suffering every month. Can't i get ehedrine or it content or brovon inhalent? Can somebody save me from this astma. I beg
    ys it is not available

  5. Ephedrine HCL is legal here in Canada and sold liberally at supplement shops. You can purchase 8mg x 50 for $5.99 CAD at Popeye's.

    What are your thoughts on the EC stack when doing intermittent fasting + keto + a large calorie deficit? I take the typical dose twice per day, 4 hours apart. I am not bodybuilding. I play squash (HIIT) 1-3x per week. I'm looking to simply slim down quickly and effectively. I started at 224 lbs, down to 208 lbs currently (4 week progress), target is roughly 160. I'm 5'9" with a broad frame. The stimulation is also nice for my university studies.

    I have used EC regularly in the past. I just restarted it after 6 years. My bloodwork is perfect. Under normal conditions (no stims) my blood pressure 115/70 and resting heartrate is 60 BPM. Those numbers will go up on EC, but what do you think is considered acceptable?

    Lastly, do you think taurine and theanine would still be of benefit? What are some other nuances I should consider?

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