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Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene Fat Burner (Review)

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene Fat Burner (Review)

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene Fat Burner (Review)

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. This is my review of Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene Fat Burner. I have been taking it for two weeks now and the fat is melting off my body!

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  1. I’d recommend not taking this product. I bought it awhile back and I had heart palpitations, sweating, intense shaking, nausea, vomiting etc It was hell.

  2. Works, but will put you to work in the process. Your heart rate will soar, you'll get jittery, and sweat like Subway's Jared in the middle of a Justin Bieber concert back in the day. Worth it? Yes. Mild heart burn and a runny nose, oddly enough, are a couple of other sides. Has mucus-thinning properties, apparently. Doesn't curb your appetite completely. Not a miracle pill, but sends your body into overdrive fat-incineration mode at the expensive of the above mentioned.

  3. Hi since you have taken them were there any potential side effects or health risks? For instance I found that you couldn't take these if you had high blood pressure, do you know why?

  4. Can I break these in half? I’m hearing horror stories about taking 1 whole one. I’m super sensitive to everything.

  5. Man the music overlay was so bad I had to exit the video. Would love to see more on Lipodrene but can't hear your voice with this format.

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