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How to Get Abs – BEFORE AND AFTER Ultrasonic Cavitation fat cavitation results

How to Get Abs – BEFORE AND AFTER Ultrasonic Cavitation fat cavitation results

How to Get Abs – BEFORE AND AFTER Ultrasonic Cavitation fat cavitation results

This video is about Sonic Beauty

Hello! I’m Lees, an essentialist fashion blogger who loves product reviews! This week, we discuss ultrasonic cavitation and how these treatments can help you lose fat! This Sonic Lift fat cavitation and cellulite remover is the perfect at-home treatment to replace your medspa visits! Now, remember, the only way on how to get abs is by eating healthy, exercising, and drinking lots of water! This machine definitely helps with those tough spots that are hard to eliminate when you’re asking yourself how to get a six-pack! I hope you enjoyed my sonic lift review and take advantage of this kit so you can stop asking yourself how to get abs at home!

Get it here: https://shopstyle.it/l/bxdNX
A reasonably priced amazon gel: https://amzn.to/3sE87UK
The gel I used: https://rstyle.me/+wVnZzHdZW5tV3l8Tib_ZgQ

*This video review is a paid partnership with Sonic Beauty. These results are 100% authentic after two weeks of using the device and the heating cream occasions. These results are also mixed with consistent exercise and healthy eating! No machine will give you abs without putting in the work, don’t forget that!

ADDED* I know there is some skepticism so I have taken the liberty of uploading my timestamps for my video editor of when the before and after were created. You don’t have to believe that, but if you look at the video you can even see how I re-decorated my room the next month and moved things around and I’m not even wearing the same top. I understand the comments which is the reason why I’m providing this as proof of results. Thanks for watching!*
VIDEO TIMESTAMPS: https://bit.ly/2yWER4R

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  1. 저도 요것구입은했는데 진동도 전혀없구
    차갑다던지 열기도 없는뎅 이것정상적인건가요?

  2. “My next step is to use the pads on my problem area” 😳
    Which problem area???……..because none of us can see any !!

  3. had mine a year .Still don't know if the feckin useless piece of crap is
    working.Does kinda nothing, , no sensation at all even on highest
    settings even though water test show working

  4. 😘🔎Lees honestly I see no VISUAL problematic areas, you are beautiful just the way you are.. Oh.. okay so you do exercise.. You look good.
    I hope my tummy results look like yours… Definitely a difference, with the, "Before and After Photos." My question is the gels. Did you use both Gels or just one? What exactly is the name of the darker gel?
    In my opinion you do not need the device, looks like whatever you are doing seems to be working.
    Thank you for testing the device, and being a Guinea Pig for us.💕

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