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Is CLA Good For Weight Loss?

Is CLA Good For Weight Loss?

Is CLA Good For Weight Loss?

CLA, short for conjugated linoleic acid, is a popular supplement touted for many health benefits. Recently, it is being pushed as a potential fat burner and weight loss tool. But does it actually help you slim out your belly? Or will it befall like most supplements before it? Let’s find out!

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  1. Every fat burner can help. And can not help same time. I know its weird. I think to benefit the most of cla is to add a good diet and count your calories. Workout on empty stomach or wit little carbs and protiens. And try to get stuff that stimulate your testosterone think about glutamine arganine and so on zma . More testerone = more fat burn. I lost almost 10kg in 2 months time without cla. Now started with cla see how it will go.

  2. 2:38 damn I was eating around 2000-2500 calories per day for weight loss (almost daily weight lifting and cardio) and when i started taking CLA I couldn't eat more than 1000-1500 calories. I didn't change anything else at all.

  3. It worked for me, I had a chubby belly for over 10 years, I’m in my early 40’s. So we know it’s a lot more difficult to loose belly fat. I’m a swimmer, 6’1”, almost got a 6pack when I suck my belly in. And relaxed super flat tummy. You guys…I was shocked and it worked for me but I swam almost everyday. Let me tell you…I swim every year for the past 15 years and have never been this lean since I took CLA-1300. That’s my feedback for you guys.

  4. I got a some of these free with a protein order I did and I just assumed they were a cod liver oil supplement. I based this off the C and their colour. So I’m taking them one morning and my flat mate says to me “why the hell are you taking CLA?!” (I’m naturally skinny so have always been pretty shredded) so I said “well it’s good for your joints innit?” He looked at me very confused and I was very surprised when he told me it was a fat loss aid 😂.

  5. I am at least gonna try!! Everyone's body is different and you never know if you don't give it a go!! I have researched different opinions!! Some see results, others see none!! Amazon reviews seem pretty good actually and some see results but not like in two days or anything but that's with everything or everyone could be an anorexic beanpole if they wanted to be!! You gotta do the work and eat right of course which you have to do anyway!! And apparently this is supposed to help you get a flatter stomach and have a leaner overall body tone in your body more than give actual weight loss which will help you fit in clothes better!! I am a fan of that even if I don't drop on the scale!! Body weight is not all the same and that's why some people look Extremely thin and are heavier when weighed where as if you have more body fat, you actually can seem to weigh less but it's all fat!! I am hoping it takes body fat from my breast area too though!! That are is so hard to lose fat from for me and it's literally all fat so you really can't just do a workout for it and have it disappear!! It's usually a genetic disposition where your fat goes, which kinda sucks!! If it doesn't work, down the road, I will get breast reduction probably, haha!! 😍😋😉

    Also, just so everyone knows, you apparently HAVE To take at least 3000mg a day!! This is the one I am going to be starting soon, Yay!!! I am not afraid to try something new with a possibility of real change in my Body!! I have tried way too much antipsychotic and antidepressants over the years and they didn't do anything and they are actually regulated by the government but doesn't mean it's good for someone either!! Never works for me!! So, if this can, will I put out the money to try it, yep!! And Amazon Prime makes doing returns Extremely easy!!! Why I love, love, love Amazon Prime for so many different products and the actual company actually sells the products there too!! I ordered yesterday and am getting it today and can't wait until I start my first dose!!! I am going to start with half a dose for a week or two to see how it affects my body and then increase it to the max dosage!!! 💕


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