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Leanbean Fat Burner Review – Why a "Female" Fat Burner?

Leanbean Fat Burner Review – Why a "Female" Fat Burner?

Leanbean Fat Burner Review – Why a "Female" Fat Burner?

Can you really take a pill and burn more fat? It doesn’t work like that, right?

Leanbean sent us their “Female Fat Burner” so we could separate fact from fiction, and after we spoke with a woman who lost about 20 pounds in two months on the supplement, we started to work out what is and isn’t hype with these products.

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Leanbean says that women have a harder time controlling cravings than men, and while we’d never suggest women are more “delicate” than men, it appears that hormones involved in menstruation may mean women are a little more sensitive to disruptions in their routine.

The hormone in question may be gonadotropin releasing hormone (GNRH) and while men have this hormone as well, in women it’s involved in ovulation and it can be affected by environmental factors.


Maybe the best ingredient here is called glucomannan, a gel-like fiber from the Japanese konjac tree. Studies have found that people taking it as a supplement consume fewer calories without any other interventions, seemingly because the substance expands in the gut to reduce hunger. Note that by doing so it sucks up a lot of fluid and people often report that it makes them hungrier.

Cayenne, green tea, and garcinia cambogia are other ingredients that might help with appetite by interacting with hormones like dopamine and serotonin. Note that it’s not like all scientists agree with this as 100 percent fact, but the glucomannan really has solid evidence.


Does it really help you burn fat?

Studies have found that active ingredients in cayenne pepper can increase calorie burn, which everyone gets excited about. However, it looks like the calorie burn is somewhere between 5 and 100 calories per day. That’s not nothing and it can add up over time, but unless your calorie intake is really consistent that won’t mean much. You should still track calories.

Garcinia cambogia also has some interesting evidence as a means to lose fat. A 2003 study of 39 people found the group taking the active ingredient in Garcinia cambogia had “significantly reduced visceral, subcutaneous, and total fat areas compared with the placebo group” after 16 weeks.

But most studies with effects like this are using at least ten times the amount found in a day’s worth of Leanbean. It’s the same with the chlorogenic acid from green coffee beans in the ingredients — there are a few (not many) human studies but they used at least three times the amount found in Leanbean.

Raspberry ketones are also here but there are no good human studies suggesting they help with fat loss.

But look, there are a lot of ingredients linked to fat loss and if you’re taking them all together, there may be some effect. But keep an eye on your calories.


Margaria Nguyen lost about 20 pounds in 2 months with this product and while she was restricting her calories, she says Leanbean helped a lot with controlling her appetite so that she *could* restrict her calories.

“The fasting could only happen because I was using that Leanbean supplement,” Nguyen says. “Normally when I fast I find it really really difficult but when I started taking Leanbean I found it was really easy to fast for 16 hours when normally I would struggle really badly.”

She added,

“You can’t just take a fat burning supplement and expect to lose weight when you’re still having like ten Snickers a day and lounging on the couch all day, it doesn’t work like that. I had to do the exercise, and I had to work on the nutrition, and I had to take a fat burner that was safe for me, the safest on the market. And for me that was Leanbean.”


* Seems effective at blocking appetite
* Vegetarian friendly, no artificial ingredients
* One pill per serving
* Black pepper may help absorption
* Money back guarantee

*Some ingredients might be a bit underdosed
*Some reports of slight, short-term stomach discomfort after taking it
*You might need to increase water intake
*A little pricier than other fat burners

Popping a pill won’t instantly turn flab to abs, but Leanbean may seem be useful, especially with appetite suppression.

Video for Fat Burner Leanbean
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  5. Why are all the reviews on their official page and then on YouTube from thinner ladies? I do not see a single review from a bigger girl. This seems a tad fake. It also advertises being toned and fit. The pill itself won't do this.

  6. I have been using Lean Bean alongside a healthy diet for 4 weeks now and I'm amazed by the results. I have tried lots of other brands but find that this product does really suppress my appetite. Would 100% recommend

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