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OxyShred or PRIDE? Fat Loss vs Pre-Workout Supplements Explained | Zac Perna

OxyShred or PRIDE? Fat Loss vs Pre-Workout Supplements Explained | Zac Perna

OxyShred or PRIDE? Fat Loss vs Pre-Workout Supplements Explained | Zac Perna

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EHPlabs Athlete Zac Perna dives deep into the main differences between OxyShred and his collaboration product PRIDE pre-workout, explaining why you don’t need the strongest pre-workout formula, you need the right one. Learn the benefits of each and a breakdown of the full formula as told by Zac.

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Video for Oxyshred Thermogenic Fat Burner
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  1. In terms of taking the oxyshred with the oxygreens in the morning how would you go about taking them both? Like one after another or?

  2. I've tried both. I take Oxyshred in the morning and must say that I do feel that good mood feeling all day. Plus a boost of energy when I do cardio in the morning. Pride is my second pre-work out for weight lifting. It is so far my favorite, it doesn't give me the tingling feeling and it helps me focus as well as improves my reps. Best of all I don't feel jitters or that crash at the end of the workout (and this is before I saw this video). It really is an excellent pre-work out, love it!!👍🏼💪

  3. I'm losing 3 pounds a day eating 4 eggs, peanut butter, and a table spoon of expensive honey for breakfast, for lunch C4 (every other day), dinner… Depends.. I might have tea or tuna. … Losing so much weight so fast… and I'm not working out!

  4. What I don't like about the product oxyshred is that it gives you an upset stomach and bad acid reflux.

    It did it to me in the past and I decided to recently purchase another to give it another try and got the bahahma breeze flavor and the first day I was kinda ok but the next day major acid reflux and upset stomach.

    So more wasted money. It could be just me that it causes that but still sucks that happens.

    I do enjoy their acetyl L-carnitine though.

  5. Can you take oxyshred in the morning and after 8hours when your about to workout can you take no stim oxyshred with pride together ?

  6. I started taking oxyshred 1 scoop every morning and exercise(4-5 days a week) in the evening. I am on it for 1.5 months now and started seeing results in the first month but after not getting results. Should I keep doing what I do and just be patient? or start 2 scoops a day? or any suggestions?? TIA

  7. I have been using this product for 4 months now and its so clean. I have used loads of products but this stuff is just phenomenal.

  8. I love oxyshred! But love the pump pride gives me. I definitely see amazing results with oxyshred so I’d pick oxyshred over pride for sure!

  9. The great thing about Oxyshred is it actually works! Whether you want the stim or non stim, it’s available to you. Love this product. Great info!

  10. i like oxyshred nonstim cause it makes me feel ready to workout without being as strong as preworkout, but i’ve heard great things about pride!

  11. Thanks so much for the detailed info!! Zac is very informative. I’ve been sticking to Oxyshred as my pre workout, but as soon as he talked more about the 5 stages of caffeine and how it helps his workout… I’m sold. Literally adding to my next order!!!

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