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Should You Take Fat Loss Supplements When Bulking? (2017)

Should You Take Fat Loss Supplements When Bulking? (2017)

Should You Take Fat Loss Supplements When Bulking? (2017)

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If you want to gain muscle and strength as quickly as possible, you have to maintain a slight calorie surplus. Unless you’re new to weightlifting, there’s just no way around it. In the end, energy balance impacts muscle gain just as much as fat loss.

The unfortunate “side effect” is unwanted fat gain, of course, because even mild overeating will raise body fat levels over time.

Can you get around this by including a “fat burner” or two in your supplement regimen while bulking, though?

Well, the short answer is no, and in this episode, you’ll find out why.

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  2. Won’t a pre workout also increase your metabolic rate resulting in somewhat a similar situation as a fat burner ?

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