Fat Burner

Size Zero Drink

Size Zero Drink

Size Zero Drink

Size Zero Weight Loss Drink | Pineapple Weight Loss Drink | Pineapple Drink For Weight Loss | Pineapple Fat Burner Drink

Size Zero Diet Plan https://youtu.be/-_TO_HrQfc8

This is not a breakfast or a dinner replacement, it should be considered as a morning & bedtime drink routine. Also do not stand on the scale every day, have this for a minimum of 15 days to get the desired results.

Watch in Hindi: https://youtu.be/qPQwoJ6JPZ4

Frequently Asked Questions :
1. Can you have this while on Keto? No
2. Is it Safe For All? Yes, it is safe for all including PCOS / PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes, IBS, Acid Reflux Patients, Pregnant & Nursing mothers, etc.
3. Can you drink during Intermittent Fasting/ OMAD? Only during the eating window, not during fasting.
4. Diabetes/PCOS patients may keep a check on their sugar levels while following. Ideally, it shouldn’t hinder but every person is different.
5. Although the ingredients are safe for Pregnant Mothers, I wouldn’t recommend them any drink for weight loss. You may take your call.
6. Nursing Mother may have this drink just once a day.
7. You can try my Wedding Diet Or Raw Meal Plan with this, for optimum results.
8. Frozen is still ok but not canned Pineapples, please.
9. Fresh ginger root is recommended for this drink and not ginger powder.
10. Can you follow this with my 900 Calorie”Egg Diet”? No, my egg diet is a “One Man Army”. It doesn’t need any add-ons!😊 https://youtu.be/aGtwMA5_mUo
11. What time to eat breakfast? At least 1.30 hours after drinking this.
12. Please eat light and healthy, with more protein, and fewer carbs to achieve good results.
13. You can have this drink for as long as you like.

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  1. My goodness..i didn't even expect this will work…i tried this…and im very glad and happy that i reduced my waist size from 38 to 36.5 and my weight from 64 to 57.8 kgs…this is super effective maan❤❤❤thanks a lot….i just wanna share my experience with u and thereby saying a biggg thanks to vicky❤❤😍

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