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SS8™ Super Shredded 8 Advanced Fat Burner* by Dr. Jim Stoppani

SS8™ Super Shredded 8 Advanced Fat Burner* by Dr. Jim Stoppani

SS8™ Super Shredded 8 Advanced Fat Burner* by Dr. Jim Stoppani

SS8 (short for Super Shredded 8) is the first Total Body Transformation System that helps consumers achieve short-term fat loss, plus long-term maintenance of a leaner body, by bringing you the three components that make a successful transformation possible; 1) the SS8 results-proven workout plan, 2) the individualized nutrition planner, Dieting 101, and 3) the complete all-in-one supplement strategy for fat loss, SS8*

SS8™ Super Shredded 8 Advanced Fat Burner* ► https://jymsupplementscience.com/product/SS8



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  1. Been a JYM Army Since the launch in 2013 or 14, since Legacy JYM. Been fighting everyone who says this is overpriced. Been loyal to JYM products for 5yrs now. And guess what? The sucker blocked me because I said something about JYM BCAA he didn't like. I regret every penny i wasted on your line. going to NutraBio or Kaged cause they appreciate their costumers and has better quality than you. There's a video online for anyone who want to see Jim got roasted by NutraBio

  2. Im excited about this purchase! Had to get it off Amazon because no GNC near me has it yet sadly but I have prime so its only gonna take 3 days to get here. I’m in Dallas TX

  3. Your supposed to get his free workout and diet plan with the coupon code inside the box, but they want your cc info on the website. Am I doing something wrong?

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