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Supplements Worth The $$$ | NOT Fat Burners | AlaniNu + more

Supplements Worth The $ $ $ | NOT Fat Burners | AlaniNu + more

Supplements Worth The $$$ | NOT Fat Burners | AlaniNu + more

Hey fam! Keep watching to see what supplements I take and what I recommend, and the supplements I do NOT recommend *ahem Fat Burners*!

Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored.

Allmax Creatine

AlaniNu Whey Protein
Whey Protein

AlaniNu Preworkout

AlaniNu Balance
Balance Capsules
AlaniNu Super Greens
Super Greens

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  1. I’m so happy I found you! Subscribed✨🖤 I have been working out at home, doing weights and HIIT. I come from a powerlifting background & current training style is vastly different than what I had been doing for a few years. I used to supplement with Creatine but haven’t been incorporating it into my current routine— would it still be beneficial for me? Seems like it would be common sense for me to know the answer buuuut 🤷🏻‍♀️LOL

  2. I absolutely loved watching your review. You're so professional and informational. Thank you!

  3. Very instructional!! It is so important to do your research before buying a product and take everything people say about supplements with a grain of salt.

    Do you take creatine/caffeine on days you consume preworkout (most preworkouts have a fast absorbing creatine)?

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