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Training Supplements Explained With Alex Beattie | Myprotein

Training Supplements Explained With Alex Beattie | Myprotein

Training Supplements Explained With Alex Beattie | Myprotein

For every rep, every run, every game. For always giving your all.
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Not sure where to start when it comes to training supplements? Alex Beattie is on hand to give you an insight into his daily supplement routine and explain all the benefits that these products can have if used properly alongside a healthy, balanced diet.

Alex is a personal trainer and fitness coach, dedicated to helping people reach their goals in a sustainable and realistic way.

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YouTube: https://bit.ly/3eq68Ms

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At Myprotein it’s our mission to #FuelYourAmbition and push you forwards on your #ForeverFit journey.

We’re here for active men and women who want to invest in themselves mentally and physically — for the long run.

Only expert-backed advice. No quick fixes — just the facts.

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  1. I took a lot of vitamin supplements the past two months and one day in the middle of a bench press, I got a splitting headache. Went to the doctor’s a week later when it wouldn’t subside and it turns out I have excess Vitamin A in my body. Not a health professional and this is completely an anecdotal account but try to keep vitamin intake within the daily allowance. Cheers.

  2. I'd say all good value for money, but the Pre Workout + is not worth it, I think there's only 20 severings and it's £40

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