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✨HOW I LOST 10KG from 68kg → 58kg + realistic tips and motivation ✨

✨HOW I LOST 10KG from 68kg → 58kg + realistic tips and motivation ✨

✨HOW I LOST 10KG from 68kg → 58kg + realistic tips and motivation ✨

Hey guys!

Hope you guys enjoyed this one, got some encouragement or learnt something new! Let me know any future videos you guys would like to watch! I would always watch videos like this and never imagined I’d be making one myself! you guys can do it too! It all starts from the mind and your will! Comment down any questions 🙂 ps my bronzer be looking patchy as heck AHHAH please ignore

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Video for How To Lose Weight Fast In 2 Weeks 10 Kg
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  1. Hi everyone! 💌
    Thank you so much for the love and support 🥺 It means so much to me! It's so lovely to see everyone encouraging and supporting each other as well as sharing their own personal stories in the comments ♡♡ I just wanted to address some FAQ:

    1) I am 168cm or around 5'6
    2) It took me around 6 months to lose the 10kg (Feb 2021 – Aug 2021)
    3) I used Final Cut Pro to edit my video!

  2. 🏆 guess I'm late but hey! The video was peaceful and comforting
    I'm 67 now and pre diabetic. I don't eat much of junk or calories but well ended up gaining weight due to PCOS and hormone imbalance, which is pretty annoying since i don't get to eat what I'd have wanted and still end up with same consequences lol
    The major enemy is inactivity since I'm sure I don't even take a 100 steps a day
    I just wanted to change for quite some time now but its frustrating how after like a 1-2 kg decrease I come back up
    I'm working towards going below the 60 kg bar next year and thanks for your story <3

  3. You’re just like me, I’m also Asian, I used to be 58, before lockdown I was losing weight then I gained sooo much, I am now 72, but I’m going to lose it now,

  4. I also lost 6 kg 71 to 65 . But i wanna be 57 kg ( my height is 174) . I feel like i stuck in 65 because i tried to eat less last week however i couldnt lost any . Or maybe its because i ate some dessert and didnt walk daily.

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