Lose Weight Fast

1000 Calorie Deficit | Lose Weight Fast (Then What)

1000 Calorie Deficit | Lose Weight Fast (Then What)

1000 Calorie Deficit | Lose Weight Fast (Then What)

How to lose weight fast as much as 10kg in 10 days has been a very popular approach. So what happens when weight loss stalls? Taking an approach to fast weight loss weight extreme calorie deficits will often yield great results initially but without proper planning a plateau will prevent anything further. This video discusses not what I eat in a day, but how to ensure you can keep going.

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  1. Hello I'm 5.4" and I'm at 254lbs obviously over weight and been having problems with my knees what would u recommend I'm desperate and stress about it any help will be appreciated

  2. Wow Im at the maintenance stage, now I’m eating to sustain. I think im finally coming to the realization that I have to cut certain foods out completely and that’s kinda scary and I have to eat a certain way in order to maintain the way I look.

  3. I was 79kgs and thanks to calorie deficit I am now 56. And that's for 8-9 months. Some will say yeah but you will gain it back. My answer to that – it's already have been 1,5+ years and I never got over 60kgs. Becouse with calorie deficit I learned more about food and changed my habbits. So yeah.

  4. What's the difference between an extremely low cal diet and fasting for 3 plus days??
    At least you're actually not starving yourself….

  5. hi mat i am 26 yo 5.8 and 253 pound
    i eat 1824 calories a day so would be 221 gram of perotein (i ear Carbohydrates to)
    do you think it is ok to go with it on calories deficit fat loss and building muscle and get lean to be less then 10% body fatt?
    (i go 6 or 5 days a week to gym)

  6. I'm starting tomorrow I'm about 260 pretty muscular but at about 230 I think I'd be shredded super excited

  7. Lose 17 pounds and then go back to maintenance and don't lose any weight for 3 months? LOL.. no. You should be eating maintenance for 10 days every 6-8 weeks to spike and reset your metabolism and hormones. Not 3 months..

  8. Thats what I'm doing now. I've been exercising and dieting slowly over 9 months and I'm down 15kg. I'm at 99kg now and I'm having trouble dropping below that, I've been at 99kg for 6 week. So I'm going mad with cardio 1 – 2 hrs a day and still weight training 5 days a week and only eating 2000 calories a day, leaving between 1000 – 1500 deficit. I'll do this until I'm down to 95kg then go back to maintenance for a month then go back to a 250-500 calorie deficit until I'm at my goal body fat percentage which is around 12%.

  9. I’m trying to help my obese friend lose fat. He’s on an extreme calorie deficit of only 800 calories a day, when I told him it should be 1500. He has no energy to work out but still wants me wake up at 6am and drag him to the gym to bust out a few jumping jacks and high knees, which is pointless because he might as well go for a walk. Hopefully there will be some useful info in this video on how calorie restriction actually works.

  10. 3:21 OMG GOALS! I mean-goals for my ideal man. thats what discipline can do. I like mens fitness vlogs (especially Paul's) instead of womens because there is no fluff- just real info to get real results.

  11. Just take your body weight and multiply it by .8 and eat that amount of protein and you wont lose muscle.

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