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15 Crazy Weight Loss Rules The Kardashian Jenners Must Follow

15 Crazy Weight Loss Rules The Kardashian Jenners Must Follow

15 Crazy Weight Loss Rules The Kardashian Jenners Must  Follow

This Kar-Jenner Family Will Do Anything To Stay Fit And Look Good
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It’s no secret that the members of this famous reality show family are gorgeous, but how do they stay in such amazing shape? We’ll take a look at their amazing transformations and give you some insight into their workout routines. Kim Kardashian isn’t a huge fan of cardio but she’s not afraid to hit the weights hard in her exercise regime. Khloe Kardashian got her revenge body and then some, boasting an over 60 pound weight loss after giving birth to her daughter True. Kylie Jenner probably isn’t the one you want to go to for diet tips since the makeup mogul admits she’s simply naturally skinny. Kourtney Kardashian makes sure to hit her home gym multiple times per week while Kendall Jenner prefers a quick 11 minute long routine she can do anywhere. That’s right, they even have vacation routines for when they need to stay in shape while being on the go. Kris Jenner keeps things simple by spending time on the treadmill and her consistency has given her big results!

What do you think about the way this famous family works out? Do you feel inspired to upgrade your own fitness routine or do you think their methods are unrealistic for the average person? Share your thoughts, opinions, and workout tips with us and your fellow fans in the comment section below. Before you hit the gym, make sure to hit the subscribe button and turn on your notifications for more of the latest and greatest content from us here at The Talko.

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  1. i mean this was not astounding to me ….their body is which earns the billions , you 've got to stay fit and form …..

  2. The biggest rule they must follow is photoshop, photoshop, and more photoshop, with filters of all sorts thrown in between.

  3. I wonder why most celebrities wake up soo early and do exercise so early. But I realise when you live in a mansion and have so much private space then that will give you motivation to exercise. Especially when they live in warm L.A

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