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300 LB TRANSFORMATION!! How to lose weight without surgery!

300 LB TRANSFORMATION!! How to lose weight without surgery!

300 LB TRANSFORMATION!! How to lose weight without surgery!

My very first video!! The WAR continues. I will never, ever give up this weight loss battle, I PROMISE!:)*****************************************************************************************************
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Video for I Weigh 300 Pounds And Want To Lose Weight Fast
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  1. i need to lose weight and i have been this way for 4 years so and im 300 lb and im only 14 i hate being this big i need help losing it so bad

  2. Hi! I have an aunt who I want to help her and she wants help as well to loose weight and I’ve watched ur videos and I think what you have accomplished is so amazing . Please i would love your help and advice in helping my aunt loose weight. Please if you could reach back to me and maybe serve as an Role model and help motivate my aunt .

  3. I just started watching this, and I was tempted to just skip to the 2017-2018 videos…but I want to see it all because I need to lose weight. And I'm going to along with watching your inspirational videos.

  4. im 5"10 and weigh at least 310lb such a struggle i start a plan then next day or two im snacking on chips having alcohol in the past two years ive lost both of my parents and my job of 15 years and people say i look like im handling things well omg looks can be so deceiving i took care of both of my parents and i never left home now im on my own with my two children and i miss having my mom just to talk too she tried to prevent me from being over weight since i was young and i ate to tick her off now i can barely get off the couch from the weight on my knees i dont want diabettes my dad lost his leg im my own worst enemy thank u to whom ever took time out to listen when u lose your parents its like youve lost the one person who made since of it all

  5. I know what you are going through I’m the way I’m 360 something and I hate myself for being this big it makes me so sick to even look at myself in a Mira and see this fat person looking back at me 😔

  6. I feel this so hard T-T I woke up this morning and realized I'd hit 310lbs. I have been spending this morning agonizing and considering starving myself just like "Ok, well I'm not going to eat at all this week." Like, I was seriously considering it. I've tried so many things before, but now that I can't exercise because I have this issue with my feet where I can't stand for any longer than 10 minutes at a time, I honestly don't know what I'm going to do. My problem isn't even overeating. my problem is that with an 1100 daily calorie OR LESS intake, my metabolism has like completely shut down. I've been large all my life too, ever since I was about 13 or so, so I've always dreamed of not being defined in the life I live by this weight.

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