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4 HERBS that help you lose weight | weight loss tips

4 HERBS that help you lose weight | weight loss tips

4 HERBS that help you lose weight | weight loss tips

Master weight loss once and for all. Here are 4 herbs for weight loss.

This video has a lot of tips for sustained weight loss and getting to your goal weight but more importantly keeping your new found physique. I try to break down the logic of weight loss. Make sure you share it

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  1. I have 2 out if the 4 you mentioned. I also take maca root and I see you have it listed in your book for weightloss too.

  2. Thanks for this info… I have been fighting to lose my weight since i got into my late 40's when my weight been climbing up like it's in race… so I change my eating habits but cutting down on alot of meat..I drink these tea which I need to do more..

  3. thanks I bought maca thinking it may help with weight loss but people said it helps with gaining weight so I guess I wont be using that as much.

  4. Fat doesn't make you gain weight like carbs do. Calories are not all the same. Calories from sugar will make you gain weight faster than fat. It's about the glycemic index, etc. It's also about your motabolism. Eating micronutrients help improve your immune system.

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