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4 Teas that Enhance Fasting: Scientifically Approved I.F. Beverages

4 Teas that Enhance Fasting: Scientifically Approved I.F. Beverages

4 Teas that Enhance Fasting: Scientifically Approved I.F. Beverages

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4 Teas that Enhance Fasting: Scientifically Approved I.F. Beverages – Thomas DeLauer

Black Tea

Improves Energy & Mood

Contains about 50mg of caffeine per cup – inhibits adenosine and causes the release of dopamine and adrenaline. Also contains methyl xanthine, which stimulates serotonin production levels in your brain

Increased Fat Loss

Caffeine promotes the release of norepinephrine, a key regulator of fatty acid release from fat cells into blood circulation to be burned for energy

Normally, adenosine binds to fat cells and decreases the release of fatty acids – caffeine blocks this inhibitory effect of adenosine on fatty acid release, resulting in greater fat mobilization


Polyphenols, such as theaflavins, are responsible for tea’s antioxidant actions – they inhibit free radical generation, scavenge free radicals, and bind transition metals

Combined with the effects of autophagy = win win

Green Tea

A cup of green tea has roughly 35mg of caffeine


Green tea contains a phytonutrient called EGCG (EGCG is destroyed in black tea during the fermentation process) that increases the hormone CCK (cholecystokinin), which is responsible for creating the feeling of satiation

CCK slows down intestinal motility as it causes food to move more slowly through the intestines – feel full for a longer period of time

CCK also modulates dopaminergic neurotransmission in the brain – it increases the level of dopamine in the brain & stimulates your metabolism by activating thermogenesis

Decaf w/ Ginseng (non-stim)

Immune System

Ginseng has been found to increase the number of immune cells in the blood – In one study, 227 people got either ginseng or placebo for 12 weeks, and got a flu vaccine after 4 weeks; the number of colds and flu were two-thirds lower in the group that took ginseng

Also been found to reduce inflammation by suppressing the tumor necrosis factor, IL-6, and reduces adipose inflammation

Mental Performance

A single dose of ginseng has also been shown to modulate cerebro electrical (EEG) activity – *from what i could gather, excessive EEG activity is bad for memory and, overall, the brain

Regular w/ Lion’s Mane (stim)

Lion’s mane has the ability to stimulate the synthesis of (NGF) Nerve Growth Factor – NGF is necessary to nerve cell survival in the central and peripheral nervous system.

It is is a neuropeptide that helps maintain neurons, which are the cells responsible for helping your brain process and transmit information

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea induces relaxation in blood vessels and helps smooth muscle fibers relax – can help prevent spasms and is a sedative and sleep-inducer

Chamomile tea also contains flavonoids, but one of those flavonoids in chamomile tea is called apigenin – apigenin binds to benzodiazepine receptors in the brain

A study published in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that drinking chamomile tea was associated with a significant increase in urinary levels of hippurate, a breakdown product of certain plant-based compounds known as phenolics, some of which have been associated with increased antibacterial activity


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  1. I just bought a Carmel flavored black tea by Bigelow. The ingredients have soy lecithin. Some people on Reddit are saying this will break a fast. Is that true? I love flavored teas because they help me extend my fast longer than I would if I just drank water. Thank you for any replies!

  2. @Thomas DeLauer, thank you for always producing quality content. Do the antioxidants in tea and ginseng counteract Autophagy?

  3. 1. Green tea

    2. Black tea

    3. Decaff green tea with ginseng (ginseng reduces inflammation)

    4. Matcha green tea (couple it with Lion's mane, stimulates brain activity)

    5. Chamomile tea, great for a long-term fast, before bed

  4. I have discovered Moringa Tea, my father drinks it to bring down his blood pressure and it works we normally have a higher blood pressure, just one to add. I have a Organic Japanese Matcha Powder to add to many things or just make a Tea to sip on

  5. Does drinking ‘Genmaicha’ tea break a fast? Genmaicha tea is green tea that has roasted brown rice and matcha powder. It just occurred to us that there may be starch in this, but not sure if it steeps into the tea?

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