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500+ Lb Woman Goes Into Cardiac Arrest During Weight Loss Surgery | My 600 Lb Life

500+ Lb Woman Goes Into Cardiac Arrest During Weight Loss Surgery | My 600 Lb Life

500+ Lb Woman Goes Into Cardiac Arrest During Weight Loss Surgery | My 600 Lb Life

Vianey proves to Dr Now that she’s serious about weight loss and finally has her surgery approved. However, once on the operating table, her heart goes into cardiac arrest, preventing doctors from operating on her.
From season 7 episode 20.

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Video for Lose Weight Fast For Heart Surgery
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  1. Dr nell and the team were so brilliant they should be so proud of themselves. You have a good man beside you Renae who loves you very much. Your going to be ok and your going to eventually get to the weight you want to be,you have already done yourself proud.and you can keep going I know you can. Keep it up Renae. as Nd you will get there,Dr mel is wanderful and he will give you the tools and support you,LL need from the start I used to watch the. Program he done off male and female, I'm in England UK. And enjoyed all of them except the ones that were quite abusive to Dr nel if for there own health etc, he was truthful but kind. It was for them he gave his time to.help you all. He could do that sometimes I think if I was him a fantastic Dr. Getting some verbel.from some patients i.d have gotten me down. Anyway you keep up with the good work you've been doing.stay safe and very good luck to you. Bye for now, xxxx 🌹🌹🌹🌹 ❤️❣️❣️❣️❣️. 💙💙

  2. I've never had to do chest compressions on a patient that size before. I wonder if the extra fat tissue would get in the way.


  4. Oh my! You should be motivated due to the fact you just had a cardiac arrest? What more has to to happen to over 500 pounds to digest the price for being unhealthy?😢

  5. dr now remains so calm omg I'd be a mess!!! i guess thats why they do what they do!thank goodness for our nurses anesthesiologists& nurses

  6. I flatlined on the table when I had my last son. When they woke me finally it was the most confusing, frightening experience but I too had an amazing nurse who stroked my temples and explained what happened in a soft tone. It made all the difference. The good nurses are heroes ❤

  7. i miss my job at hospital i am nurse and is bad to leave my job to travel to china i always want to work in usa like nurse but i did not reach to my goal

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