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7 Keys To Losing Weight While Eating Almost Anything

7 Keys To Losing Weight While Eating Almost Anything

7 Keys To Losing Weight While Eating Almost Anything

“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present 7 Keys To Losing Weight While Eating Almost Anything.

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  2. I love you guys! Every time I have a pain or injury you're my go to people! I'm in the NO support category…hubby constantly buys pies, cake, candy ,goodies, junk, and hes only 30 pounds overweight..not that I eat that because I stick to my BMR calories but he is constantly trying to sabotage my diet and doesnt eat the same meals I eat..drives me nuts and very stressful!!

  3. If you exercise hard for either endurance or strength, carbohydrates are absolutely essential. Do not demonize them. Instead, eat bread that that is made from “whole grain flour” not bleached or unbleached wheat flour. Oats, rice, beans, and quinoa will not make you fat unless you eat absolute copious amounts of them. Besides, getting to the point of eating too much of these foods is difficult for most people and they would have to force feed themselves fibrous foods, in order to of course get fat from them. Have one alcoholic beverage a week and there is your booze. Break up one brownie across the span of a couple days and not one sitting.

    Lastly, do not be afraid to weight train. More lean body mass is equivalent to a higher resting thermic effect on food since the nutritional requirements of muscles to maintain themselves are great. This ultimately means, build muscle and you will have an easier time burning fat. If you are looking for specifics on dieting to lose weight, see the “experts” on the subject who are known as Dieticians, not Physical Therapists. See a LEGITIMATE Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist for exercise programming, not PTs. If you injure yourself in an exercise program because of poorly performed movements, then see these two PTs because that is what they specialize in. There are too many people out there not staying within their wheel houses and it only construes information and makes the dilemma at hand arguably worse.

  4. So its the things that give us energy that we need to limit instead of the foods that contain large amounts of artery clogging fat and cholesterol?? Makes total sense…

  5. Hey, i have hypothyroidism/hypopituitarisim, and have hit a weightloss wall i cant break through. Following all these things mentioned in your video. Any ideas to get me down that last 10 lbs?

  6. Compliments on the dry erase board ! Now just lift it so first line is to, tall guy eye level, and it's 50% better. You might advise listeners to listen at 1.5 speed; works great for me.
    Question: Do you have a reference to exercises for people with bad back legs and knees and feet all at the same time? I've tried exercise bikes and tilt tables and just wasted money. Doctors advises against sit ups. Please help. I no longer produce testosterone thanks to hospital "mistake." Losing weight is imperative or orthopedist wont replace my hip.

  7. Ok guys, I am a HUGE FAN!!!! However, please please please wear better fitting clothes! You both are in great physical shape so why wear ill fitting baggy shirts? It ages you and just is very distracting. Brad looks like he is wearing a shirt 2 to 3 sizes too big. Other viewers have mentioned this before too. I know having recently lost 20 pounds, that my clothes look this baggy, and it’s not good psychologically or professionally. Try some tapered shirts found in younger men’s departments, or shop in athletic departments. Your professional image is important as fitness experts. Stop masking those trim waistlines! Love you guys!

  8. Vegan person here…Whole foods work best, imo, no matter which way you eat them. Eating foods that are as close to their natural state as possible, seems to be the answer. I believe this was also backed up by a recent study. Love your videos!

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