Lose Weight Fast

7 Secret Kpop Idol Diet To Lose Weight Fast

7 Secret Kpop Idol Diet To Lose Weight Fast

7 Secret Kpop Idol Diet To Lose Weight Fast

Watch how a 40-year-old supermodel tricked me to drink this soup
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7 Secret Kpop Idol Diet To Lose Weight Fast.

These kpop diets to lose weight fast can take you from 100 to 0 in 10 seconds flat! Just kidding… kpop diet may seem like the fad but please take precaution when trying out these kpop idols diet.
Kpop workout are dime a dozen for those looking for kpop weight loss methods. Stick to proper korean diet weight loss plans to achieve your ideal weight.

Kang So-Ra had a tough time maintaining her weight during her teenage years. At her heaviest, she weighed a hefty 72kg and claimed that she was able to devour an entire pizza at one go. The female lead of the Korean drama ‘Doctor Strange’ went from 72 to 48 kilograms in a short amount of time.

Former Miss A member, Bae Suzy revealed she underwent an intense diet in order to lose weight for her role in the drama, “Uncontrollably Fond”. She followed the Suzy diet meal plan called the “Time Limit” diet, making sure she didn’t eat anything after 6 PM.

Secret’s leader, Hyosung shared about her weight struggles during her trainee days. Hyosung took to her YouTube channel to reveal how she managed to lose 20 pounds after being shocked by how skinny her fellow trainees were. She only ate half of her meal portions and never ate after 6pm.

Sistar member, Dasom, dropped a whopping 9 kilograms in just three weeks! The Dasom diet consist of a super food that is responsible for her weight loss. What super food is this? The answer is, Cucumbers!

BTS’s Jin, survived on eating chicken breast for an entire year in order to lose weight

Big Bang’s oldest member, T.O.P, was known to be a chubby boy weighing in at 90 kg. The talented performer surprised his fans by having one of the most remarkable transformations, drastically losing 20 kilograms in just 40 days.

Changmin weigh over 100 kilograms but in a span of six weeks, he magically lost 30 kilograms. Changmin says he only ate two blocks of tofu and ran six hours a day in order to lose that much.

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  1. Hello! I am here to tell the results, i should say for an person who wants to lose wieght so badly , make sure u keep healthy!!! Well the results are pretty well and im still healthy what i did:
    First of don't eat something past 7 pm , make sure you don't eat : somethings too salty, rice , too much big meals in a day
    Eat (theyre healthy) : a salat in a day (or 2) , only 3 big meals a week
    I remian healthy and i DEFENTLY recomend doing activictis for ur day anddddd for the final thing i usally do gymnastics , ballet (a begginer of it not proffesional), and thats all reamin healthy and flexible!
    Bonus : i called mine liquid cat diet (don't come at me i like this diet)

  2. Ok i used to be 45kg and that was over whight for me im now 50 somthing even more over wight well to be fair i am about 4'9/4'11 ft but still it just makes it harder to have a healthy wight 🥲

  3. I started starving myself because of the comments I got about my weight. Honestly, after my mom's wedding tomorrow I might start doing it again.

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