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8 Scientific Health Benefits of Pineapple

8 Scientific Health Benefits of Pineapple

8 Scientific Health Benefits of Pineapple

Pineapple is more than just a delicious tropical fruit — it offers significant health benefits as well. In addition to its natural sweetness, pineapple shines because it offers calcium, manganese, and vitamin C, among other nutrients.

Learn more about the health benefits of pineapple here: https://www.everydayhealth.com/diet-nutrition/8-reasons-eat-pineapple/

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  1. All cancer cán be cured by keeping the blood alkalized… clean. Keep away from sugar, it is poison. . People are brainwashed by the word cancer but realy you can cure it all by eating the right food!!! Synthetic poison from a pharmacy will ónly take away symptoms and you will become sicker…PLEASE go back to nature…your body is nature and you become what you eat!!!

  2. From my personal experience I believe pineapple aids significantly with heat tolerance. I was either on the verge of or in the early stages of a heatstroke on a 100+ day and felt totally rejuvenated about 15 minutes after eating a bowl of fresh pineapple. I wish someone would study this.

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  4. benefits of pineapple:
    1. rich in vitamin C0:07
    2. may enhance weight loss0:27
    3. aid digestion 0:50
    4. the manganese in pineapple promotes healthy bones1:18
    5. packed with disease-fighting antioxidants1:44
    6. has cancer-fighting properties2:03
    7. pineapple fits in an anti-inflammatory diet2:20
    8. can help boost immunity2:45
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  7. Do not throw away the core, its packed with rare nutrients, cut into small pieces, suck the juice, throw away the fibre.

  8. Im watching this because i been eating healthy lately and i been eating a lot of pineapples cuz they provide it at work. Not only its very healthy but it taste so good! Its kinda sour and really sweet. Thank you pineapple for existing!

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