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90-Pound Beagle Loses 70% Of His Body Weight | The Dodo Faith = Restored

90-Pound Beagle Loses 70% Of His Body Weight | The Dodo Faith = Restored

90-Pound Beagle Loses 70% Of His Body Weight | The Dodo Faith = Restored

90-pound beagle will only exercise with his favorite toy in his mouth — now he’s the third of his size!

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  1. Our girl suffered with Cushings. To help her apatite, she got to snack on raw veggies and fruit which she loved. And long walks. I miss her. We lost her at age 24 to the evil cancer. ,

  2. This was a yr ago and he was still too over weight, hopefully he's lost a little more weight like 5-10 pounds. I found another dog that was around him to be over weight also. People need to think, "What if that was me with that much extra weight" and if they are someone over weight than they know how uncomfortable it is and should help the dog to get slim so the dog can run play and enjoy his life and stay healthy.

  3. Now imagine these people convincing this dog to remain the way he is because what’s really important is his personality and people have to accept him, otherwise they’re being fatphobic.

  4. it takes a twisted person to put a animal on a diet. what the hell is wrong with you people that do that? so the critter may live a bit longer but will be hungry and that is awful to me. I spend more feeding animals than I do myself and a fat animal is a happy critter. you jerk if it likes to eat let it. so it dies happy

  5. My 15yr old still cat weighs 4.1kgs or 9.03lbs and he's still in great shape all his teeth are great his coat is smooth & shiny. My greatest companion ever & loved by all.

  6. thank you for helping him! i hope he can lose some more weight – also your other dog is a bit fat. God bless you for helping Wolfgang.

  7. Damn. So much dedication all around – and so much progress to be proud of! I bet he was psyched to keep up with the other pups after too much time of not being able to.

  8. Wtf, there is no sane way dog can look like that, cant even call him fat, its just too weird, like he was locked at mc donalds for years. Only in america things need to go at the point of extreme and bizarre and end up with cliche happy end story.

  9. That's cool but I hope he doesn't turn into one of those guys who is always giving unwanted health and excercise advise.

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