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Adele's NEW LOOK: When Plastic Surgery Is Disguised As Weight Loss

Adele's NEW LOOK: When Plastic Surgery Is Disguised As Weight Loss

Adele's NEW LOOK: When Plastic Surgery Is Disguised As Weight Loss

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Adele needs no introduction as one of the most famous singers of our time. Adele is known for her beautiful voice, and today we will look at her natural beauty traits and discuss some major changes that the star has undergone in recent times. This is going to be a very interesting video, so please stay watching through to the end.

In this video, I’ll be talking about Adele’s weight loss and if you find this type of content triggering please skip to the time stamp I post here.

Remember this is only my opinion and if you’re watching this video that’s what you came here for; hateful comments will be deleted and the user banned.

Adele’s natural beauty traits are stunning long teal eyes, nice skin, and thick hair. Because Adele really became famous in 2008, that is when we first have a lot of photos of her and how she looked.

We start off by looking at what Adele may have done first. I believe she may have had a subtle blepharoplasty done. This is evidenced by the changes we see, as shown in the video, of her upper eyelid. There are some pictures that even show the typical signs of a post blepharoplasty, with puffiness and redness. Next up is some changes that were thanks to a similar photo one year later with almost the same lighting and angle. This photo allows us to see some changes to her nose. It causes her face to look thinner and more refined. As we look through photos, we can see her nose getting more and more refined. This is common with a lot of celebs, to get small changes done, so that nobody notices unless they study the face over a long time. In 2015 there was a dramatic change on her neck. She looks more youthful and tighter in the neck.

Fast forward to closer to now, we can also see that she had some fat removal in her jawline, had some possible jaw filler, something like Radiesse. We then see that she removed her chin cleft, and gotten some skin tightening treatment. We then look at her eyebrows where we detect a change, some color, botox, and more. There are people claiming she now looks like a kardashian because of her eyebrows, which she achieved with a similar browlift that the kar/jenner family gets. I then look at Adele’s teeth, and, see nothing besides some possible minor work done to even out her teeth. She could also get some

Recently, Adele has lost over 100 lbs, and this caused a major stir, as she has been relatively larger during her whole career, and people were amazed at her progress. This loss of fat was of course able to make some changes on her face and how it looks. I go over those in the video. She is young enough to lose weight and have the skin get back to the right size to compensate for the weight loss. She did not necessarily need to have plastic surgery to get a lot of the changes we saw, losing 100 lbs can do that. But she also did get some plastic surgeries done which flew under the radar due to more easily explainable excuses.

As to a possible weight loss surgery, Adele has struggled with weight her whole life, and to suddenly lose 100 lbs, would point toward surgery. I have spoken with multiple plastic surgeons, who all agree. While it is likely that she has surgery, she also has worked very hard on diet and exercise and there is no physical evidence that shows that she got it, so we won’t add it to her overall price list. There is some possibility of some liposuction to her legs, waist, and tummy, that we see from her figure shots in the video.

About Adele:

Adele is famous around the world for her gripping songs and powerful range of voice. She sends shivers down my spine with how good she sings. She has broken many records and topped many charts in her career so far. Her newest album, 30, is already on track to do amazingly well. Adele was born in London, England, may 5th, 1988. She is currently 33 years old, divorced, and has 1 child. Adele is currently worth over 0 million dollars from all her tours, album sales, royalties, merchandise, appearances, brand deals, and more. Adele made tens of millions of dollars passively while she was on a career hiatus, just because of the sheer staying power of her music.

Please know that although I have a very informed opinion based on my own experience I am not an EXPERT or a Doctor. Please visit a plastic surgeon for medical advice.

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  1. I French speculated that Adel had different surgeries. I am 100 lbs overweight and want to lose it naturally and have tummy tuck and liposuction done. I love adel regardless of her weight. I just wish she’d open up more about her weight loss journey. When they do I will be listening. Till then I will try sirtfoods and fasting. Wish me luck!

  2. Her eyes are really distracting to me now. That whole area of her face is really so different to before that I can't do anything but focus on them when she's singing.

    The same is true for me for Charlize Theron… watch her in any interview now, her eyes just look like they roll around in her head – it's really strange.

  3. The ending of this made my day. What a gorgeous Child. I would squeeze and kiss him all day, everyday. I think Adele looks amazing. Having that much weight loss would create serious sagging skin all over. She looks gorgeous. Kudos for her.

  4. I knew that she changed her outward appearance by cosmetic surgery. I noticed it when she oddly pressed her lips together very often in interviews. She did not do it when her lips were naturally formed. It is an odd behaviour but if she is happy with it everything is fine.

  5. Adele probably had a lower face and neck lift. Her face was large enough before her weigh loss that I find it nearly impossible for her lower face not to have had some serious sag.

  6. your video quality with the new lense looks great to me. tbh i never thought about adele having plastic surgery, but now i'm feeling very dumb that i didn't noticed it

  7. I love that you highlighted how minimal all the work she had done was. Most of the work she had done was clearly in response to her weight loss and I think it’s very reasonable to have work done after losing so much weight. She had a nose job and eyebrow lift but that is very minimal work honestly. Those things barely change someone’s face. I’m so happy she didn’t let Hollywood convince her she had to change her entire appearance.

  8. I like the way you explain and the way you speak and think, as you said-
    Adele didn't do anything to look younger but to look more beautiful with what she already has.Yes,I totally agree🙂

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