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Advantages of being an ENDOMORPH

Advantages of being an ENDOMORPH

Advantages of being an ENDOMORPH

The advantages of being an ENDOMORPH
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  1. I was loosing it every time he mentioned someone being shaped like a potato 🀣 like I thought he was joking but he was saying it in the most genuine, nice, and funny way imaginable

  2. This isn't entirely accurate, or at least to me. Im an endomorph but I have massive shoulders and don't look like a pair, I am more stocky and boxy but I'm not what this guy classifies as an "Endomorph"

  3. I'm endo (i gain weight easily i'm 5'8 for 209 pounds and was heavier before dieting but now i plateau) but with a squared shape i'm literally a cube (Minecraft style) how do i loose weight ?

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