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Ask Japanese GIRLS about their DIETING SECRETS

Ask Japanese GIRLS about their DIETING SECRETS

Ask Japanese GIRLS about their DIETING SECRETS

Why are Japanese girls always so skinny? What is their secret diet behind all of this? Reporter Cathy asked the girls of Japan for some dieting advice.

DISCLAIMER: If you decide to go on a diet, take care of your body and get some professional medical advice. This program and it’s associates do not condone or support any of those methods, nor can we guarantee they have any results on you. We will not take responsibility if you decide to try out any of those methods.

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  1. I lost 3 kilos in 2 weeks by that!

    It's not the best but i am just overthinking about my weight. Everywhere even in church so one time I just wanted to try diet.
    Breakfast : no, drink tea without sugar but with honey
    Lunch: yes, but not BIG portions

    Dinner: no

    If you are in school like me, don't bring any money to school. You won't be spending money on food

  2. I lost 25 kgs in 1 month + 1 week.

    I was depressed , n ate nothing, literally i used to stay in my room all day, lying on my bed having deep thoughts . But it helped me , noone recognised me back at school, i was 80kgs n now i m 57kgs. I m 16 , n my height was not affected , infact i gained few cms i was 170n now i m 174. I might thank depression for this.

  3. そもそも食べても太らないかな

  4. Gained 10kg in 2 years and now trying to get back by cutting sweets, snacks, walking, exercising when have extra energy and trying to keep up to intermittent fasting having just 2 moderate meals a day…
    I know it's not gonna be an easy and fast))

  5. ぢえとかやるときにぽつぽつでむずかしでし??でも5きろとかぬけたからできる!!がんばれ!

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